Increase your chances of impressing the employers further and grabbing the offer letter by sending a second interview thank you letter. This guide gives a sample of the same.

2nd Interview Thank You Letter

No matter whether you are selected or not, but mailing a “Thank You” letter after an interview leaves a good impression on the employers. And you never know, just because of a letter, you might land yourself with a better job offer in the near future! But when it comes to a second interview, impressing your recruiters becomes all the more important to keep yourself ahead of other candidates. Most importantly, if you have made it to the second interview, then you are probably in the league of short-listed candidates and getting the job. It is because the company sees you as its future employee that it has asked you to appear for the second interview. In such a position, it is best to use all your leverage you have, all the knowledge you possess about the company, and all your job skills to close the deal (interview) and narrow your chances of getting selected. After all, there is likely to be a good rapport and interest by both parties after the second interview. Further, paying attention to even the minutest details discussed in the interview can help you in framing a unique and effective “Thank You” letter. With some tips and guidelines in hand, you can further emphasize on your capabilities of communicating effectively with your prospective employers and clients. While drafting a second interview thank you letter, keep some significant things in mind, which are listed below.
  • Now that you have conversed with the prospective employer on two occasions, you can ask for his/her business card after you are done with the interview. Confirm the correct spelling and title of each person to whom you wish to send a “Thank You” letter.
  • To begin with, thank the person for giving you an opportunity to meet you and converse with you.
  • Indicate your interest in the said position that can further increase your chances of getting selected. In case you feel more confident after the second interview, then do not hesitate to mention this fact in the letter.
  • The second paragraph of the letter should comprise of some of your attributes and skills that make you eligible for the position interviewed. Say, for instance, you have been interviewed for a management position, give an in-depth understanding of the company’s growth strategies and indicate how your previous experience has helped you grow to this level.
  • Close the letter with another vote of thanks for considering you for the said position. Also, mention that you are looking forward to meeting and working with their organization.
  • The letter should be short and snappy and up to the point. Keep the wording of the letter limited to about 250 words.
  • In case you have been interviewed by a panel of judges, then it becomes crucial that you thank each one of them. If you are not aware of their names, see if you can find out the names of the people who have interviewed you.
Sample Second Interview Thank You Letter
Sample 1
Employer’s Name
Employer’s Address
Employer’s Location
Subject: Thank You note
Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
Let me first express my gratitude towards the opportunity given to discuss the prospective employment with your organization.
If selected, I’m sure that my association with the company will be a fruitful one. Given my educational qualifications and other related skills, I’m confident that I will be an asset to the company. I would like to recall that my credentials and experiences had impressed the entire panel of interviewers. I ensure you the best of my services, if selected for the job.
Secondly, I’m very much impressed with the friendly work culture of the company. I’m looking forward to being a part of your team.
I, once again, thank you for your time and consideration. Kindly let me know of the outcome.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Sample 2
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Employer’s Name
Employer’s Designation
Employer’s Address
Dear Mr. (concerned person’s name),
Subject: Regarding Second Interview on (interview date)
I would like to express my gratitude towards the opportunity to speak with you today about the (job title). As this was my second interview, I enjoyed learning more about the position avenues.
After our discussion, I am convinced that my competencies are a good match for the job requirements and believe I have a lot to offer. If selected, my (details of the experience) experience and (list your skills) skills can make a positive contribution to the team goals and that is why I am very interested in this opportunity.
As you requested, I am enclosing (the required documents).
I hope they are received by you in a positive light.
Please contact me if you need more information about my background and qualifications. Again, thank you for your time, consideration and for all your efforts to arrange this (second) interview.
Yours sincerely,
(sign your name)
Your Name

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