Preparing for a teller position at the bank? Learn how to answer those nail-biting bank teller interview questions and grab the offer, with this piece of guide.

Bank Teller Interview Questions

So, you are preparing to work in a bank? Must say that you have made one of the best decisions! And if it is a bank teller, then you have a long way to go in terms of your career and future. For, a bank teller is one of the most prominent positions in a bank as he is the one who performs the most integral part of the organization — customer relationship. Thus, it is understood that an interview for the post of a bank teller is very important and different from other positions in the bank. Further, the numerous benefits that you would be earning throughout your career are simply gorgeous and mouth-watering. Firstly, you have a secured job in hand for banks are always required by everyone, whether it is for depositing money, withdrawing cash, opening fixed deposits or bonds, and so on. To add on, you can even perform your own banking activities right from your job without standing in long queues and waiting for your turn. Simply ask your fellow bank teller and your job is done, in a snap of minutes. But hang on! Clearing the interview is not as easy as you have been dreaming it to be. The interviewers make sure that you have the most stressful and nerve-racking interview you have ever had for they want the best amongst the best. However, mastering the technique of answering some common questions asked can get you a step ahead of others and clear your way towards getting the offer letter. Discover for yourself some bank teller interview questions and how to answer them.
Sample Bank Teller Interview Questions & Answers
Why did you choose this field?
Quite a tricky one! Your interviewers are trying to figure out your comfort level for the applied post. Before you answer this question, you have to come up with the most effective and striking reason for entering this field. Say, for instance, you can state that you own the required aptitude for dealing with people or probably you have always wanted to be a customer relationship expert. Never try to present a too flashy or honest picture of this question; else the recruiter will feel that you are begging for the position.
What are the aspects that you do not like about the job?
An addition to the previous question, the interviewer is trying to interpret your demerits of working under this position. As such, you have to present a more blatant answer rather than cribbing over working as a bank teller. Do not present too many of negative aspects, else the recruiter would feel that you are not interested in the job and are only entering to get a handsome salary and other perks offered with the position. Hence, try to be positive about the various aspects of the job, even if you are uncomfortable with them.
Why should the bank hire you?
This is THE question where the interviewer actually judges your talents and requirements for the position of a bank teller, thereby testing your suitability for it. To begin with, you can state your positive qualities and talents that will be beneficial for the position and the bank, on the whole. Use terms like loyal, detail, scrupulous, and goal-oriented that are not only catchy, but also essential for an employee working as a bank teller.
What was the reason of leaving your previous job?
No matter how pressurized or bitter was your previous job, never mention it as your reason for quitting from your last job. Be very careful and tactful while answering this question. To keep your personal grudges and work pressures away from your interview, you can talk about your family problems or long distance from your home as apt reason. Remember to keep all facts about the previous office environment at distance from your interview; else you can create an element of doubt in the mind of the recruiter about your personal nature.
Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Another googly by the interviewer! This question is mainly asked to test your commitment towards the company. The recruiter is trying to figure out whether you wish to stay with them or have other career plans. Also, your determination towards bagging the position/job is what he is actually looking out for. As such, you can inform the interviewer that the job of a bank teller is the first stepping stone towards a long-term career with the bank. This way, the interviewer will be satisfied to hear that you are really interested in the position and a long-term relationship with the bank.
Of all the banks in the area, what made you select our bank to apply at?
This is a question where you need to prepare well and find out positive factors that keeps that particular bank ahead of others. And if you have an account with the same bank, then you can appreciate the services and personal attention offered to you by the bank. Check out the bank’s website and see what charity work or community involvement it is engaged in. With this, you will have sufficient information to present at the interview and indicate that you have done your part of homework.
Other interview questions to prepare for a bank teller:
  • Tell me about a situation with an angry customer that you resolved.
  • If I called your former boss, what do you think they would say about you?
  • How would you deal with a difficult co-worker?
  • Tell me about your cash-handling experience?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • Tell me about a situation that demonstrates you are a team player.
  • Tell me about the previous experience of this job.
  • How would you handle a situation where you came to know about an employee stealing?
  • How is teamwork important in a bank job?
  • Tell us when you have done some financial report with full dedication within given time, but management did not notice this seriously.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What qualities do you think a bank teller should possess?
List down all the questions you feel are significant for the bank teller interview and try preparing your own winning answers to them. Time to dress professionally and face the interview with honesty and confidence!

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