Becoming a management consultant can prove to be one of the most sought-after jobs around. Explore this article to know what it takes to become a management consultant.

Becoming A Management Consultant

You may be familiar with what the ‘management’ of a company does to ensure frictionless flow of day-to-day activities and maximum inflow of funds but, do you know what a management consultant does? Are you familiar with the roles and responsibilities that a management consultant has to fulfill? In simple terms, or to cut a long story short, management consulting throws light on the practice of lending a helping hand to organizations via advisory roles. Management consultants help organizations improve their stance in a number of ways. They do a detailed analysis of current business problems, consider the various options of dealing with these problems and finally select the most suitable one. However, there task doesn’t end here – they also develop and process various plans for improvement of other processes as well. As professionals who fulfill specific functions, companies pay for the services of management consultants because they are the best at delivering third person perspectives and internal advices of sorts at the same time. If you want to know what it takes to become a management consultant, read on!
Becoming A Management Consultant
A person who is looking forward to build a successful career as a management consultant is expected to gather the right degrees. For starters, an aspirant management consultant looking to go anywhere in the world of management consultancy must have a 10 + 2 or an equivalent diploma from a recognized board. Post this, the aspirant can take up an undergraduate program that revolves around ‘managerial subjects’. If looking to step it up a notch, there always are post-graduate courses in management that help people distinguish themselves from the competition. However, in the world of management consultancy, what you have studied matters less than the experience you have had. Thus, if you are yearning to get anywhere in the advisory world of management consulting, getting experience and expertise in the same is as important as anything else.
Courses Required
Mentioned below are few examples on the kinds of courses you can do to help make yourself an outstanding management consultant:
  • Consulting course in managerial decision making 
  • Consulting course in controlling 
  • Consulting course in human resource management 
  • Consulting course in leadership & approaches to leadership 
  • Consulting course in group & formation of groups 
  • Consulting course in power & organizational politics 
  • Consulting course in personality & its theories 
  • Consulting course in stress & stress management 
  • Consulting course in understanding work teams 
  • Consulting course in planning & strategic planning 
Skills Required
  • The first thing that a good management consultant needs is a unique ability to solve problems. A management consultant who can’t provide solutions for problems is of not much use really.
  • Management consultants with great communication skills are always preferred to management consultants who aren’t adept at communicating. This only makes it that much more important to know how to communicate and how to communicate well.
  • Lastly, a good management consultant should possess, at his/her disposal, a standard set of management skills, from leadership qualities and scheduling to delegating.
  • The ability to work under stress can be considered a serious advantage as well.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • In this field, it is all about overcoming challenges that come your way in the form of the challenges that your clients may be forced to deal with. It all begins with conducting analysis and research and data collection too.
  • Management consultants have to conduct interviews with their clients, their employees and their management too.
  • Workshops are also organized to address the needs of the various target groups and the new trends across the various industries.
  • If the problem to solve is purely business-like in nature, it would be essential to organize business presentations and business proposals too.
  • Management consultants are also expected to formulate solutions and recommendations for problems, the implementation of which also lies on their shoulders.
  • All of the above mentioned functions are just general pointers into what management consultants do. On the job, you may find the tasks that a lot is expected from management consultants – a lot more than you think even.
Career Prospects
Management consultants are important people. As far as a career in management consultancy goes, it’s all about making choices. You have to decide if you want to be a generalist or a specialist. Generalists help a variety of companies while specialists focus on specific industries. Once you know what you want, it’s all about finding the right internships, right jobs, gaining the right experience and having the right expertise at your disposal, and making it to the top, step by step. With time and right decisions, it is conveniently possible for a management consultant to start off a consultant firm. Starting off a successful consultant firm, or making it big as a senior management consultant in a reputed firm, makes for the perfect career high for anyone trading with intellectual wares in the world of management consulting.
There you go – you now know what it takes to become a management consultant. From the surface, it may seem like management consultants lead lives of comfort or even luxury, which they do anyway, but with management consultants, there always is more than meets the eye.

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