Being popular is all about confidence, courage and few people skills. Let this article help you know what it takes to become popular with some useful tips.

Becoming Popular

God has made every human being with more or less same physical features. But even then, why after having the ditto dress or the same type of shoes, some kids in the school are more famous than others? Why some girls or boys become the centre of attraction of the whole college campus? Why do the bosses and the other staff members love someone more than other? Do these questions strike you more than often? Are you looking for an answer desperately? Know that the only answer for all the above situations is that these people are simply 'popular'. While some of them may have really worked hard to get such kind of attention, in most of the cases they simply become popular because of their charm and pleasant appearance. It is one of the basic needs of the humans to be loved and liked by others. Every one of us tries to get attention from our family members, friends and colleagues. We dream of becoming popular like celebrities and fantasize about the kind of limelight they receive. Popularity is no hard task, but definitely asks for more effort to be put in. Anyone can be popular if one knows the right things. Here is a list of tips that will guide you in becoming popular.
Becoming Popular
Determine Your Objective
Like setting goals, for becoming popular you should determine your objective. You need to determine, what kind of popularity you want and at what level. Identify if you want to become popular among your friends and colleagues or you are aiming to get the tag of 'Mr. / Ms. Popular' in the organization.
Determine Your Action Plan
With your objective sticking to your head, you can look forward to the methods of successful people in your area of interest. For becoming popular, you have to work harder than the normal people, often doing things that the not-so-popular ones wouldn't have imagined, forget daring to do the same.
Be Ready To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
People who are not popular are uncomfortable in making conversations, cracking jokes, flirting and in short, engaging with other people. They are shy enough to remain attached to their comfort zone. But to attain popularity, you have to leave your comfort space and start interacting with other people. If you are an introvert and quiet person, you will encounter problems at first, but with time you will improve and learn to attract attention. On social level, you could feel uncomfortable in certain situations but then, remember everything comes with a price tag.
Be Friendly
You must have seen that popular people are great talkers; they surely know how to please people with their sweet talks. With their friendly nature, they are quick to start a short conversation with practically everyone they meet on their way. They are in good terms with their friends, colleagues, bosses, and even with office-boys.
Maintain A Good Appearance
Generally, we see that popular people have a very good dressing sense. They are fashionable and surely know how to carry themselves. They might not be drop dead handsome/ gorgeous or have the perfect features but they sure have something in them that draw people to their side and make them attractive. They are models for other people to follow. Having a good dressing sense doesn’t mean that you should buy expensive trendy clothes that you can’t afford. You can easily have a good appearance with modest clothes. Having your own signature style is very helpful in the way to become popular.
Be Empathetic
How would you become popular, if you are not empathetic towards others feelings and emotions? People hate those who only think about themselves and who are more concerned about their looks rather than listening to others. Be more empathetic towards people whom you are surrounded with and make sure you ask them how their life is. However, don't try to infringe someone's privacy and get unreasonably inquisitive.
Have a Helping Nature
Apart from knowing others, popular people are helpful to everyone. Popularity is not to perform big tasks, but it is all about doing little things at the time of need. Popular people are the ones who are ready to help an old lady in crossing the road or are willing to drop a neighborhood kid to school. Friends love them as they are always there helping them in times of needs.
Be Comfortable in Your Skin
Being popular is all about how you treat others and first of all, how you treat yourself. How you would make others happy if you are not happy from inside? Follow your words and do what you are comfortable in. With the help of your qualities and a set of people skills, you can easily become popular.
Avoid Trying too Hard
Many people who are desperate to become popular try to put too much effort in their tasks. This sometimes makes people to think them as a poser, shallow or freak. Act simple and let your work speak for yourself.
Have Confidence
Confidence is the key in the process of being popular. You must have seen that the most charismatic leaders and actors are people with high self confidence. Believe in yourself and let problems not stop you.
Becoming Mr. / Ms. Popular has nothing to do with your financial status or killing looks. People with less greens or decent looks manage to become more popular than others, because it is the attitude and mannerism that counts ultimately!