Are you an introvert looking for jobs? Listed below are some of the best jobs for introverts!

Best Jobs For Introverts

For an introvert his environment is himself and can never be subject to startling or unforeseen change ~ Quentin Crisp. 25% of the total population is made up of introverts and they are known to be a very gifted lot! How would you identify an introvert from an extrovert? According to Carl Jung, introverts belong to the group whose psychic energy flows outwards and is gained from solitude. To know what kind of job suits them best, it is essential to gain knowledge about the characteristics of introverts or the recluses first. Most of them have typically shy expressions and a tendency to enjoy loneliness; they cannot work in a team, do not mingle with others, prefer quiet working environments and most importantly, do not think aloud and keep things in their mind. These traits were considered undesirable for corporate culture some time back. But these days, service-based economies dig all the above qualities. Introverts love reading, contemplating the future, gardening and tending to their pets. So, what does an introvert do with regard to the job hunting scene? Simple, turn hobbies into careers! Employment satisfaction is hard to find for such people because of their personalities hence encouraging options which involve making use of hobbies can help introverts live a professionally successful and satisfied life.
Top Jobs For Introverts
Research And Development
This kind of job requires brains which a larger population of introverts posses. In research and development (R&D), the nature of the work is thought provoking as well as persevering. This way, they don’t have to voice their opinions and demonstrate any sort of speaking skills. Observance is the key in such career options. R&D can be done in any field provided sufficient knowledge is attained.
This role perfectly suits introverts because it gives them an opportunity to express themselves which they otherwise don’t. Penning down thoughts is exactly what they like to do. Words speak louder than actions in their case. This kind of career is very powerful as it has the ability to reach out to several people at once. There can be no better feeling than connecting with the reader and letting the imagination soar!
Something that can be done alone, with focus and no team work, is accounting. Following a set of guidelines and procedures is preferred by introverts and accounting has strict rules to adhere to. Financial accounting, analyzing data and book keeping are the options that involve less talking and more working!
A painter or a sculptor is a good profession for an introvert to be in because it is a means of expression. All you need is a talented pair of hands! It is a similar skill to that involved in writing. Usage of colours and art forms also give the viewers an idea about the individuality and thoughts of the artist himself. If one is not creative enough then becoming an exhibitionist is also a good idea.
Animal Keeper
Introverts are shy and reserved only with humans or their peers. When it comes to animals, they are usually more open and love to dwell in their company. Not only an introvert, but any person knows that animals love unconditionally. Causes of being an introvert can have several reasons and if they involve fear of judgment and rejection, then studying animals and becoming an animal keeper can be a perfect job. Other options are veterinarians, zoologists, marine biologists etc.
To let imagination, creativity and originality take over is what architecture is all about. Introverts need to be involved in educating and ‘building’ a future for other people to stay connected to the world around them. Introverts are people who like to create masterpieces of their own by using available resources. Courses in interior designing and landscape architecture are some of the best ways to proceed further.

Great opportunities come to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! Everyone has dreams and above mentioned are some of the best jobs which can help introverted individuals realise theirs.

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