An impressive career objective on your resume can make or break your chances. Thus it is important to get your objectives right. Here are some examples for career objectives.

Career Objective Examples

If you thought that your curriculum vitae or resume was an impressive synopsis of your deeds, feats, achievements and education, all aimed to woo your prospective future employer, you couldn’t be more right than this. You have probably heard the corporate gurus stressing on the credibility of a resume that can land you up to anywhere between your dream job worth a fortune to the mediocre one on a neighborhood supermarket. Now with all the hullaballoo concerning your CV, isn’t it only fair that you spice it up to qualify your needs? Writing a resume is an art which doesn’t come easily to all. Remember, your resume needs to reveal more than just a bland chronicle of your deeds and feats. Here are a few steps in the importance of making an eye-ball gripping introduction with a smashing career objective that can swing favor to your side and land you your dream job. Career objectives are perhaps the most vital introduction of your skills, needs and criteria and a well written, succinct and hard-hitting objective can just make your job easy. Here are a few career objective examples for you. Read on to spice up your resume.
Career Objective Samples
Seeking an accounting position in budgeting or cost auditing with a growing organization looking for experience in accounting systems. Long-term goals and willing to relocate.
Management trainee looking for secure employment in a position requiring operations, analytical, and organizational skills with exposure to bank functions. Long-term goal: branch manager.
Business Psychologist
Seeking a position requiring application of psychology in staff recruitment and retention, wherein former experience as an Industrial Relations Manager would count.
Chemical Engineering
Seeking a technical placement for customer relations and trouble-shooting duties in plastics or specialty chemicals. Long-term goal of management.
Consumer Products Sales
To join as a sales representative with a consumer products organization. Eventual goal of a marketing manager with regards to training, advertising, and market research.
Department Manager
Managerial position involving performance supervision, employee scheduling and overall profit management abilities of various departments.
Electrical Engineering
Entry-level job in electronic design involving testing, development, research, and evaluation. Management is a long-term objective.
Seek entry-level position in finance using analytical and communication skills. Management of branch or department of financial institution as long term goal.
Entry-level position leading to a supervisory assignment. Long-term objective is to qualify for senior management position.
Mechanical Engineering
Technical job in stress analysis and vibration study. Long-term goal: Project manager.
Merchandise Manager
Seeking managerial position in a retail store using experience in marketing of merchandise and purchase supervising.
Newspaper Reporting
A job with a daily newspaper utilizing writing, interviewing and photography skills. Long-range goal: Editor.
Operations Management
Entry position in Industrial Products using knowledge of sales, procurement, and physical distribution. Ultimate goal: Director of materials management.
Personnel assistant in a health care facility using expertise on benefit programs, labor relations and wage administration. Long-range goal: Personnel manager.
Public Relations
Seeking entry-level position as public relations staff of growing public utility company dealing with interests in copywriting, photography and press releases. Management is long-term goal.
Retail Management
To secure an entry-level job in merchandise management with an established retail firm leading to a senior buying position. Willing to relocate.
Sales Representative
Seeking job as a sales representative for a growing company utilizing communication, application and marketing skills. Long term goal of upper-level sales manager.
Technical Sales
Looking for a job as an industrial sales representative with chemistry and biological sciences background. Management of marketing personnel and supervision of budgets as an ultimate goal.

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