Hooked to the world of beauty and glamour? Give your passion a new swing with a career in cosmetology. Read on to know more about courses in cosmetology and follow your dreams.

Cosmetology Courses

Do you dream of becoming a celebrity stylist someday or secretly covet the art of personal care? If yes, then a lucrative career in cosmetology can ply up as a promising career option for you. Cosmetology is rightly defined as the study of cosmetics and their use for the purpose of beautification of the body and enhancement of appearance. Since we live in a time where everyone - right from smart teens, to uber cool men and chic women - all vie for stylish living, the need for a cosmetologist is greater than ever. A career as a cosmetologist is seen as a money-spinning bet today and a professional degree in it can leave you quite well-placed, too. Here is a short overview on cosmetology courses. Just go through it and live your dreams!

Cosmetology Courses

Course Details

Anyone planning to pursue a career in cosmetology should have completed a state-licensed program and should be a minimum 16 years of age. To obtain the license, one should undergo formal training in community colleges, technical schools or cosmetology schools. Formal training courses usually last for 9 to 24 months. Most cosmetology programs do not require any strict educational prerequisites. However, all cosmetology schools require a high-school diploma or GED scores along with letters of recommendation, a personal statement or a portfolio. Some schools also allow undergraduate students to take up certificate courses.

Details Of The Course Curriculum
Candidates wanting to rake up cosmetology as a career can go for full and part-time options, depending on their needs. For students who cannot enroll themselves in two to four years of a full-time education program at a technical school or liberal arts college, a degree, diploma or a certificate program combined with an apprenticeship with an experienced cosmetologist should work just fine. A certificate program equips candidates with basic skills, salon ethics and hands-on learning experience needed to start and maintain a successful career in cosmetology. An associate degree, apart from teaching students the vitals of cosmetology, trains them to manage their salon effectively. The basic curriculum of cosmetology usually entails:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Shampooing / Conditioning
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Makeup
  • Product Knowledge
  • Cosmetology
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Services
  • Nail Care
  • Skin Care
  • Chemistry
  • Critical Thinking
  • Color Theory
  • Business Law

Apart from pursuing a certificate program in cosmetology, students can opt for specialized degrees in their specified filed of interest depending on their choice of career or interest. For instance, students willing to carve a niche in hairdressing can opt for a specialized degree in the same discipline to gain more proficiency in the subject of haircutting, hair dressing, hair repair and more. Other interesting areas of specialization include aesthetics, nails, electrolysis, clinics, customer services, marketing, business and management. Willing candidates can also take up specialized courses designed to train them in advanced techniques, public health and safety issues, additional cosmetology laws, rules and more.

Skills Required
Cosmetology is not confined to beauty, hair care or skin care alone but encompasses a huge repertoire of personal care basics and anyone wanting to make it big in this field should be armed with the necessary skills. Apart from knowing everything about the latest trends and styles, a cosmetologist should be able to provide efficient service to the client, should be sensitive to client needs, should be able to maintain a schedule, have the ability to work for extensive hours and be a people’s person. Apart from being a pro in hair and skin care, a cosmetologist should have excellent communication skills, patience and passion for the profession to do well.

Career Prospects
If you have a penchant for beauty and the necessary skills to transform people into divas overnight, than a career as a cosmetologist can be your ultimate calling. The budding domain of fashion and glamour industry has unlocked gateways of exciting career avenues for individuals wanting to make it big as cosmetologists today. From hairstylists to make-up artists to manicurists and more, career options are just endless for a cosmetologist. Experienced cosmetologists with additional administrative skills can work independently or join sophisticated salon houses as managers, sales representatives, instructors and more. Other career options include that of an image consultant, independent stylist and makeup artist.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally

  • VLCC Institute - Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University - Nashik, Maharashtra
  • College Of Health Care And Philanthropy - Faridabad, Haryana
  • Arnold Padrick's University of Cosmetology, Georgia
  • The Process Institute of Cosmetology, Georgia
  • The Esani Institute, Alpharetta
  • Aveda Institutes and Beauty Basics, Atlanta
  • La James College of Cosmetology, Mason City, Iowa
  • Genesis Career College Of Daphne, Albama
  • The Cao Institute Of Aesthetics, California
  • Marinello Schools Of Beauty, California
  • Branford Acadamey Of hair And Cosmetology, Branford, Connecticut
  • Cosmetology Institute Of Florida, Florida
  • Remington College, Lafayette, Louisiana
  • The Fila Academy, Glen Burnie, Maryland
  • Cosmix International School Of Nail & Hair Design, Malborough, Massachusetts
  • Michigan College Of Beauty, Michigan

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