An embedded system is a computer system that is capable of performing one or a few key functions. Peer into this article to know what it takes to build a career in embedded systems.

Embedded Systems Courses

An embedded system basically is a computer system that is designed to pull off a few or one specific function, more often than not in real-time computing constraints. An embedded system is called an embedded system because it is embedded in or is a part of much complex and complete device that comprises hardware, moveable and mechanical parts. Embedded systems through capable of performing a number of functions are best when used to perform a single key function. However, this does not mean an embedded system should not be used for performing more than one function. Interestingly, a personal computer is capable of flexibility and extended utilities, but an embedded system, like a personal computer can efficiently perform a number of tasks too. Engineers who specialize in embedded systems engineering are the ones who are responsible for the success of embedded systems. Embedded systems engineering is an exciting and challenging branch of engineering, it can also be extremely rewarding. Read on to know what it takes to be eligible for a course in embedded systems, the career prospects that lie in doing one and the institutes that offer courses in the same.

Career in Embedded Systems

In order to be eligible for a course in embedded systems, an individual will have to be a graduate. Not just a graduate in any field, but a graduate who is done with a B.E., B.Tech, M.Sc or any other qualification that is deemed fit by the university of the individual’s choice. The individual should also be a graduate in electronics, computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunication or any other relevant discipline. It will not make sense for an individual who is done with a bachelors program in biology to pursue a masters program in embedded engineering. It is also a must to mention here that a course in embedded engineering systems is not meant for undergraduates and most definitely not for students who do not hail from a technical background.

Course Details
Embedded systems engineering courses are a big rage now especially amongst engineering students. Typically, a course in embedded systems will attempt to impart ‘embedded’ training to graduate engineers. Graduate engineers will have to hail from hardware or a software background. Only this will help the students gain expertise in what is known as embedded systems. Courses will help students become experts at developing and deploying embedded systems over a wide range of applications. Foundation modules of courses will furnish students with an insight into the gamut of technologies that are associated with embedded systems. However, advanced modules will throw light on the large number of relevant existent technologies and applications of embedded systems.

Career Prospects
A career in embedded systems is one of the better career options available for students today. For students who are done with courses in embedded engineering and are worthy enough of being hired, the future cannot be more exciting or promising. As embedded systems engineers, students will get to work on technology that touches the life of the common man. They will be required to write software that determines the controls of washers, cars, dryers, etc. Embedded systems engineers will also get to work on high-end systems ranging from robots to factory assembly lines. Embedded systems engineers are most likely to get placed in companies dealing with the engineering requirements of automobiles. Companies that specialize in building embedded systems for controlling railway signals, mills, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, bottling plants, etc. will be more than willing to hire embedded systems engineers. Embedded systems engineers can find jobs in companies that build embedded systems for the armed forces of a country, if not the armed forces itself. Embedded systems are also used in monitors, scanners, machines used for chemotherapy, diagnostic equipments, pacemakers, ventilators, etc. So, this makes for just another career option for experts in embedded systems engineering.

Some Of The Universities Offering Courses In Embedded Systems 

  • University of Applied Sciences, Technikum Wien, Austria
  • Kingston University, London, United Kingdom
  • University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

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