Looking for some effective employee motivation ideas to practice in your company? Go through this article to inspire your employees to stay longer in the company.

Employee Motivation Ideas

Every employee looks for a positive working environment in any organization that he is recruited in. But a good workplace culture is something that will not happen overnight. It surely will take some time, particularly for employers and managers who wish to run a successful and thriving company. They need to hire the right people for working in it. However, hiring does not complete the job because the easier it is to hire people, the more difficult it is to retain them. This is where the role of motivation enters—to keep the employees stimulated and inspired to give their best for the organization. This, too, takes considerable time, with no estimates. And if you think that increasing the pay is the only way you can motivate your employees, think again. Money is not always the deciding factor for inspiring employees to stay in the organization for a longer period. Using the best of the motivation ideas and techniques can, however, outweigh the length of time that has gone into improving the motivation of employees, which is indefinite, but will be exceptionally fruitful and rewarding. For some sure-shot and killer ideas for keeping your employees motivated, read through the following lines.
Employee Motivation Ideas
Recognize Employees
You must have been an employee before you reached the position of a senior or employer. As such, you very well would know that employees want to be valued and appreciated, just like you ever did. Hence, taking out some time and acknowledging your employees will not kill you. A simple “hello” or “how’s it going?” will be sufficient. Do not wait for them to approach, instead let them know that you care about them through these kind gestures. Everyone loves and deserves to be treated with some dignity and respect. Therefore, begin with respecting them and earning trust, following which you will have a better control at influencing their behaviors and actions.
Give Them Value
Unless employees feel that they are a valued part of the organization, they will not be giving their best, in terms of efficiency and productivity. All the workloads and department initiatives of the company should be referred as “ours” and not “yours”. They also belong to the same organization and hence, they should be asked to give their ideas and suggestions that can be useful for accomplishing the goals. Besides, their efforts should be appreciated and they should be updated on the progress and setbacks of the goals and their performance. Being a leader doesn’t mean that you demand respect. Respect is something that you will have to earn with your actions. Make them work for you because you deserve it and they want to. Else, you will be hurting yourself in the long run if you do not learn this valuable lesson soon.
Support Them
Not all employees may be born geniuses to complete their work without any obstacles. Provide them with the right kind of tools and training to fulfill their work successfully and effectively. Provide them with your support to overcome any obstacles standing in their way. If they get stuck at something, help them find a way out. However, that does not mean you spoon-feed them. Just show them the way and let them tread on their own. Support them in trying times and your employees would surely take the company and the work as their own.
Celebrate Accomplishments
Recognize your employees on the accomplishment of their goals or if they display a behavior that you’d always wanted to see. A great way to reinforce and encourage your employees, the way you want! By doing so, your other employees, too, will be motivated to achieve success and appreciation. And if you’d been wondering whether celebrating small successes will reduce your productivity, mind it; studies have proven the exact opposite results. Workforce that is happy and motivated gets the job done timely and with positive results. Thus, a small celebration should not be a big investment.
Life Beyond Work
Employee motivation is not limited to workplace and organization goals. The techniques for inspiring employees extend to their families as well. Life is a challenge and the biggest challenge that comes across is balancing work and family life. To improve your employees’ motivation towards your company, value their time that they have sacrificed to stay away from their families. Especially if your employee works for long hours, weekends, or nights, you can send a “thank-you” mail to their spouse or children, for sharing their loved one with you. Do mention the goals and objectives that they have accomplished.
Reward Them
All employees who have given their best efforts must be appreciated with appropriate rewards. You can have custom-made medals and trophies and present them to the 'star' performer of the various categories on a yearly basis.
Miscellaneous Motivators
Rewards, such as gift cards, dinner certificates, or movie tickets serve as other effective and valuable motivator for respecting and encouraging your employees. For more creative ideas, you can add on items, such as lunch with CEO, Friday afternoon off, or tickets to a dinner theater or sporting event.
To persuade the greatest amount of enthusiasm and participation, find ideas from your employees’ profile to keep them pepped up and fulfill your strategies also. Whether it’s high-priced or low-cost options, show your care and concern for your employees to keep them continuously inspired.

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