Stuck in a moral dilemma? Here is a list of ethical issues at wok and how to deal with them.

Ethical Issues In Workplace

Lying to the world is easy, but don’t ever get into the habit of lying to yourself” this philosophy represents morality and illusion. Illusion at least is harmful only to you but morality is that yardstick through which we measure ourselves based on our own standards. It represents those decisions that are hardest to make, but when made, give us the courage to look at ourselves unflinchingly with respect. Ethics represent the moral grounding that defines life for us. At a workplace where we spend most of our time, we are faced with many decisions that sometimes do not appeal to our inner voice. Don’t let fear, greed or peer pressure get the better of you, make the right choice because respect for your-self, when lost is a hard thing to regain. Here are a few ethical issues that might arise in a workplace and force you to face situations that are not entirely desirable.
Moral Issues In Workplace 
  • Your boss is an overbearing, unappreciative, moron who makes you overwork without any incentives? Put your foot down and sue him for employee harassment. Employee harassment is unethical, and if you use the right words while confronting him you can put an end to it.
  • You were due for a promotion, but your colleague got it because he is related to the boss? Walk up to your boss and confront him, make it an issue in the office and gather support from fellow colleagues. Don’t sulk and resign to your fate, you need to believe that you deserve better.
  • You work for a construction firm, which employs small kids to work? The labor laws clearly state that it is against the law to employ small kids. Ask yourself if you would want to be part of such cruelty.
  • The pharmaceutical company you work for is introducing a drug in the market that is carcinogenic and has other side effects that might risk human life? You wouldn’t want blood on your hands; inform the media and the cops immediately. Do all it takes to stop distribution.
  • The chemical company you are working for is dumping poisonous chemicals into the river nearby? Get a toxicologist report done, and inform the local authorities.
  • A building you constructed collapsed due to the usage of bad materials? Accept responsibility for your actions and provide monetary compensation to the people involved.
  • You are asked to bribe a government official to obtain a contract for your company? The whole system might be corrupt but indulging in bribe is a criminal offense and by fuelling it, you are being a hypocrite.
  • Gender discrimination at workplace is unethical. If your employer follows it, you are better off not working in a place like that.
  • The company you work for has terrible work conditions, no safety norms are followed, and most of the employees have a high risk to many fatal diseases. You can form a trade union and fight for better working conditions.
  • An employee at work is not been given his pension, even after 25 years of work. Fight for his rights, there is always a possibility that it could be you tomorrow facing the same situation.
  • Your company is bankrupt but has faked its profits, in order to keep the shareholders and stakeholders happy. If you are aware of such a situation, inform the concerned authorities immediately.
  • Does your company dump goods at a loss making prices to oust a competitor? Do not stand for this kind of thievery.

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