Funny resignation letters could end up getting you a glowing letter of recommendation from your previous employer. Read the following article for sample funny resignation letter.

Funny Resignation Letter

Bid a fond adieu by writing a funny resignation letter that preserves the bridges and keeps them intact since you never know when they could come in handy. ‘Happy to be gone’ kind of letters will not serve any purpose in your career graph. You could consider writing a funny resignation letter if your boss has a funny bone. Chuckling your way out of the door is certainly a good way to resign. In the professional world, every employee is in the eternal search of greener pastures and it is no hush-hush that given a better opportunity, employees jump onto the waiting ship that leads them to their ambitious goals. One of the few formalities that you have to fulfil as you shift gears is writing ‘the resignation letter’. Remember, this important document stays on the company’s filed database and serves as future reference for your career profile. An employee record which throws you in the positive light is always desirable. A funny resignation letter, like all communications in life, has a list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. We have provided a sample that you could refer to while writing the funny bye-bye letter. Tweak it a bit to suit your particular situation, date, time, position, etc.
Sample Funny Resignation Letter
  • Keep the humour short and sweet. You never know when your temperamental boss changes his mood, takes your humour to be a mockery and gets offended. So sprinkle words of thanks and genuine appreciation and even flattery for your boss amidst all the funny one liners!
  • Every company has their insider’s jokes which you would know about. Mentioning these in the resignation letter can do the tickling but remember not to get carried away to share confidential information at any cost! Your company’s lawyers would be the last thing you’d want on your tail.
  • It is wittier if you make yourself the butt of the joke. Mentioning personal quirky eccentricities like ‘laughing loudly’ or ‘big feet’ or ‘even your size 16 figure’ will keep the letter sporting and facetious. Bosses love jokes like these indefinitely more than the ones on them.

A sample resignation letter follows:

Your Name 
Your Address with city, state, zip code 
Your Phone Number & Email

Subject: Your Name – Resigning from the post of XYZ (Mention the post that you are resigning from)

Name of your employer
City, State, Zip Code 

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

We have been together for a little over a year now so it is only fair that I write to you in person about my decision to resign from the company with effect from (mention the last date in office). Our ups and downs, the laughs we shared, the tears you made me shed are experiences that I will treasure all my life long. If I see another man walking down the road wearing a Blue jacket it will forever remind me of you, Mr. ABC (mention the name of your Boss who is always seen wearing blue). Jokes apart, my experiences in this company have helped me immensely in defining my goals clearly.

From the stale sandwiches to the watered coffee and the dripping faucet, it will be hard for me to find another company which gives me as much liberty to pull pranks on my colleagues and laugh as loudly as I do! I am sure the same applies to you. It sure will be hard for you to find someone to fill in my shoes (considering my shoe size; 14!)

On a note of seriousness, I will truly miss you. As a fresher, right out of college, I joined your organisation as a lazy, arrogant and unprofessional brat who, over the span of two years, has dramatically transformed into a focussed, ambitious and above all, a smart professional. 
With mixed feelings, I hereby submit my resignation,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Your Signature
Your Name

Writing a humorous resignation letter is a good idea if you have a genuine knack for making the situation light. Cultivating a funny vein overnight is difficult so stick with a formal letter in that case.

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