Confused about what to get for your colleague’s farewell or a birthday celebration? Remember, whatever you decide to present, it is the thought that counts. Read on to know more on gift idea for co-workers.

Gift Ideas For Co-workers

You do not have to walk around aimlessly looking for that perfect gift for your colleague at that dingy mall anymore. It is time you learnt about the right sort of gifts that can be presented and the right places to look for them. Buying gifts does not necessarily have to be a daunting task. From handbags to coffee mugs, the idea is to keep it simple and make sure that your co-worker or colleague fondly remembers you. Whether you are trying to nurture bonds with your colleagues at work or planning that perfect birthday surprise at work, you should understand that it is important to stick to the budget. Consult your other peers and buy a gift that will be etched on your colleague’s mind forever. It is important to present your colleagues with the occasional gift or two for appropriate occasions and not overdo it; otherwise, it might make you look clingy. Keep in mind the bond or the closeness you share with your employee. If your peer is just an acquaintance, you might want to present something a little more formal, such as a coffee mug or a calendar. However, if your co-worker is close to you, feel free to buy him/her whatever you want, depending on the occasion. Scroll down for ideas.
Gifts For Female Co-Workers
Handbags And Purses
Handbags and purses make ideal gifts for women. Along with being multipurpose, handbags are general accessories that women love to own, and carry on a daily basis. Whether it is for style or organization, handbags are the perfect gifting item. These can be gifted to colleagues whom you are not so close with too. From leather to cloth, find out what suits your co-worker’s persona and gift it to her accordingly. Look for handbags within the specified budget and you are good to go!
Wallets are the perfect gifting options if you are on a constricted budget and want to give a gift that can be used every day. Have a bit of fun with wallets and opt for bright colors and different patterns such as funky, bohemian styles that will brighten up the day of your co-worker almost instantly. From tri-folds to clutch wallets, take your pick!
You can never go wrong with jewelery or accessories, as they can be teamed and worn with almost any sort of attire! Be creative and opt for hip designs in earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Jewelery is an extremely versatile gifting option and instead of picking one type of jewelery, you can go ahead and even mix and match or pick out a whole set for your colleague if your budget permits. Look for something economical and classy that can be worn to office every day or on that night out with friends. Remember to keep it simple and stylish.
A Basket Of Sweets
Women are ardent sweet lovers and nothing can ever beat a basket of delicious, irresistible, sweets as a gift for your co-worker. If you know what sweets or chocolates she prefers, then there is nothing better! Get a big basket, add a few chocolates, pastries, cupcakes or other sweets of your choice, decorate it pretty and watch as your co-worker beams with euphoria.
Gifts For Male Co-Workers
Men’s Wallets
Wallets are conventional gifting options that are not only stylish but also extremely handy. A smart suede, leather or cloth wallet is a perfect gift for birthdays, farewells or anniversaries. Keep in mind that men like their wallets simple and functional. Get them a wallet with a lot of storage space, compartments and ID slots and the battle is half won! Take your pick from tri-folds, bi-folds, fancy money clips or designer men's wallets if the budget allows.
If you want to go that ‘extra mile’ and buy something out of the ordinary, try gifting a dapper, crisp formal shirt or a nice casual jacket for your colleague. To avoid disaster, make sure you know the size of your colleague’s apparel beforehand. Apparel is always a safe option if the colleague is well-known to you and loves clothes.
Laptop Bags
Laptops and gadgets are the two things that men can never get enough of; and if you cannot afford one, you can at least attempt to please your co-worker by buying him a multi-utility laptop bag. Laptop bags can be carried to work and also serve casual purposes. There is nothing more economical than a bag for your male co-worker. Do not go overboard in terms of color or expense, instead, stick to something basic like a black or a blue bag pack and watch him carry it to work every day then on.
General Gifting Options

Coffee Mugs
Although cliché, coffee mugs are ideal gifting choices for both the male and female co-worker. These look great on the office desk and are not too heavy on the budget. Try personalizing the coffee mugs with pictures, adages or messages. These will remind your co-workers of the happy times they cherished and shared with you and the office team. To sip coffee from the mug or let it sit as an ornamental piece of the desk, is entirely your coworker’s choice.
Picture Frames And Collages
Collect and collate photographs, shot at the workplace, of your coworker and put them all together to make a fancy collage. Feel free to get as creative as you like, and add tid-bits of your choice to either beautify the collage or keep it simple, depending on who you are presenting it to. Once you have made the collage, frame it and leave it on the desk of your co-worker. These not only lock fond memories spent together in a frame, but also make the receiver feel extremely special and loved.
Calenders are simple gifts that remind your co-worker of the time and you can go that extra mile and personalize the calendar with a picture of your colleague for each month of the year. These look great on office desks and, although simple, are apt gifts exchanged by professionals at the work-front. Try not keeping it boring. Let your imagination soar and see what it can do in terms of transforming a dull calendar into something decorative.
Homemade Gifts
There is nothing better than presenting your co-worker with a personalized gift. Try homemade baskets, cookies, candles, cards or ornaments, depending on the occasion. Not only does it involve a bit of ‘you’, it also becomes important because of the efforts put in by you.
Office Stationery 
You cannot go wrong with office stationery! From a box of colorful pens to post-its, coffee mugs, notebooks, coasters or that wireless mouse, office stationery is always be received with much enthusiasm. If you are planning on gifting it to women, try glitter pens or funky colorful ones and watch the magic unfold. 

So whether it is for a farewell of your co-worker or just a simple birthday party in the office pantry, you have got to keep the gift understated yet striking. Moreover, do not forget to stick to the budget. Feel free to add to this list and make sure you present your co-worker with something indelible that they will appreciate forever!

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