Did you ever aspire to establish a career within the artistic community of dancing? Read on to know how to become a dance instructor.

How To Become A Dance Instructor

More often than not, people choose dancing as a leisure pursuit because it breaks the monotony of daily life and is a source of fun and relaxation. Physics and chemistry apart from being the two core science subjects; play an important role in dance. Chemistry is brought out by graceful movements and coordination but since dancing demands a lot more than just beauty and grace, physics in dancing comes into picture. It refers to the science and discipline behind the fancy footwork in ballet dancing. So, if you find yourself on the dance floor tapping your feet and grabbing maximum compliments from your spectators as the song sinks in, you may be destined to be a dance instructor. Though many people love to dance and dance well, not many seriously think of it as a career option which can be a pretty rewarding one. If you have thought about it in the past, but not too seriously, here is an article that can rekindle the thought and make you seriously consider the profession of a dance instructor.  For more information on how to become a successful dance instructor, read through the following sections.
Becoming A Dance Instructor
You require a degree in dance only when you decide to be a dance teacher in a school. In order to become a dance fitness instructor and give dance classes at a gym as well, it is a must for you to have a fitness trainer certification. Some dance studios and gyms also require their instructors to carry dance insurance coverage or dance fitness liability insurance.You are eligible to become a dance instructor if you have a strong dancing background, passion to dance your worries away and the ability to innovate and make new steps.

Courses Required:

  • Training under a professional dancer is important because it helps in classical and traditional genre of dancing and also perfects your form and strategy.
  • Constant participation in dance competitions of various levels is important if you wish to get your talent noticed by the right people.
  • Attend an art college or dance academy to learn the finer points and nuances of the various dance forms.
Skills Required
  • Perseverance to teach the students despite their initial failures.
  • Creativity so as to create new steps and the ability to help the students express themselves through their dance.
  • Excellent communication skills along with teaching skills.
  • A good sense of rhythm in order to judge every beat.
  • Self-confidence
  • Business, marketing, strategizing and promotional skills.
  • Professionalism
  • Social skills to maintain good contacts
Roles And Responsibilities:
  • Prepare session plans and establish course goals for the students.
  • Demonstrate method and procedure to pupils.
  • Observe and evaluate pupils’ work to determine student progress or make suggestions for improvement.
  • Discuss with students, parents and/or counselors to resolve student problems.
  • Accompany students to dance recitals and theatres.
  • Teach effectively within short teaching periods.
  • Relate well with the children and learn to empathize with them.
Career Prospects
The employment growth chart clearly shows that there has been a huge demand for dance instructors in the recent years. Because many people enjoy dance and would like to make their careers in dance, existing dancers and choreographers face intense competition for top-notch jobs but since the industry is huge, everyone does get accommodated provided they play their cards right. As a dance instructor, you can find yourself employed at National dance companies and opera companies. You can also find jobs in a variety of industries, public and private alike, which include dance studios and schools as well as colleges and universities and recreation venues such as casinos and theme parks. Once well trained, you can start your own academy and establish yourself. Most of the dance instructors are self-employed.
The most important requirement for becoming a dance instructor is passion. With the right kind of passion and some good guidance, you can definitely make your way through this industry.

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