People, especially youngsters, crave to be a part of the glamorous fashion industry and becoming a fashion consultant offers you just that. This article provides you all the relevant information on how to become a fashion consultant. Read on!

How To Become A Fashion Consultant

Everything related to fashion industry is amazing and glamourous – even the career opportunities. Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe and has a huge appetite for skilled professionals. Of course, it is not easy to enter this glamorous world. So, before you decide to become a fashion consultant, learn something about the career profile and industry. Being a fashion consultant, your job would be to advice your clients on fashion. For this, you have to be well acquainted about the current fashion trends and must also have an eye to predict next season’s fashion statements. Regular updating and constant interaction with other areas of the industry is essential for keeping oneself aware. The fashion industry obviously remains alive round the year and you need to be pro-active and smart to excel in this field. Remember, being a part of this ever-lively, ever-growing, highly competitive industry, you would have to confront great talents in your way. In order to vote them down and establish your reign, you have to prove yourself to be a virtuoso. Browse down through the following section to know more about this career!
Becoming a Fashion Consultant
When you wish to select fashion consultancy as your career you should note that there are no specific courses on fashion consultation. Your career demands expertise in fashion and fabrics. A graduate degree in fashion merchandising, textiles and/or fashion designing matches the eligibility criteria and an additional degree in marketing helps you sell your skills effectively. Hence, a double major degree in fashion and marketing is considered a boon. Fashion industry is highly choosy. Only those who possess desirable qualifications and remarkable talents find a place here. But, academic qualifications are not enough to establish in this industry. You must also have the required talent and creativity to make your presence felt.

Skills Required

  • Good knowledge of changing fashion trends
  • Good knowledge of fabrics and their handling procedures
  • Fabric designing abilities
  • Fashion accessories update
  • Good sense of colour
  • Innovative ideas and general creativity
  • Self-Motivation
  • Good communication skills
  • Good marketing skills
  • Pro-activeness
  • Research skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Sharp observation skills
  • Sensitivity to market changes
  • Customer service abilities
  • Administrative skills
  • Budgeting know-how
  • Convincing abilities
Roles And Responsibilities
  • Meeting potential clients, discussing their needs and advising them on fashion trends
  • Displaying merchandise attractively and trying different patterns to determine which is the most suitable for the client
  • Demonstration of different hairstyles and make-up patterns for the clients and helping them select the suitable styles
  • Planning budget to meet the requirements of the clients with minimum expenditure
  • Helping the client form a business and/or casual wardrobe
  • Designing uniforms for the employees of a company
  • Advising the client on clothing and make-up for photo shoots, fashion events or other such events
  • Answering the quires of the customer satisfactorily
  • Observing the market regularly and recognizing the changes in the fashion trends to make a product that is readily absorbed into the market. 
Career prospects
The right person has endless opportunities and prospects in this dynamic industry. Not only celebrities, but also common people are conscious about their looks and fashion nowadays and many of them prefer seeking advice from fashion consultants. Career prospects of fashion consultants depend entirely on their talent, view of fashion, interpersonal skills, marketing skills etc. A majority of fashion consultants works as freelancers. However, they can also work with fashion boutiques, retail giants and even famous fashionistas. A fashion consultant can either give complete fashion solutions for or specialize in any one aspect such as hair styling or apparel etc. Whatever be the mode of employment, fashion consultants are always considered elite fashion professionals and live a very financially comfortable life.

Hope this article helped you gain some information about the requirements of a fashion consultant’s profile. This profile works extremely well for people who are fashion conscious and have the patience in them to persevere till the result is attained. Hope you have the creative streak in you that is considered a must for this profile!

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