Aspiring to be Meryl Streep of the 'Devil Wears Prada'? Read this article on becoming a fashion editor.

How To Become A Fashion Editor

A fashion editor’s world is not as rose-tinted, flowery and smooth as we assume – it actually is a lot of hard work. If you are prepared for the never-ending work hours dealing with workload that seems like a steep climb up a mountain, then maybe you do deserve to get the view from the peak as well – that’s the place from where the world seems truly fashionable. Even if you don’t have a fairy godmother and your blood does not run to various shades of blue, don’t be discouraged. The fashion world believes in survival of the fittest so, if you have the tenacity to excel and a drop-dead-gorgeous fashion taste then some determination along with some smart moves is what you need to unlock the glamourous fashion-world doors. With a little hard work, dedication and perseverance you will soon find yourself included in the who’s who of the fashion industry. Go through the following sections because we give you the inside story on becoming a fashion editor!
Becoming A Fashion Editor
A graduate degree in mass communications or journalism after high school is required to begin your journey to the fashion editor’s position. There are no hard and fast rules which require you to study a particular course. To become a fashion editor all you need is years of experience and that’s about it. With grease on your elbow you would know the nuances of your job and you will be able to supervise and coordinate your entire team.
Courses Required
Nowadays there are fashion institutes which give you graduate degrees and certificates and provide valuable training in your area of interest. Joining one of these courses can help you begin the journey into the world of fashion. An internship in any of the leading fashion magazines or retail firms can work wonders on your resume. Work through your internship as if you are saving lives! Your passion for the work, enthusiasm and getting even the most menial jobs done with the right vengeance is what makes you stand out of the crowd. Internships could probably be free or you could be paid peanuts but don’t worry about the big bucks early on; remembering the long climb upwards is more important.
Skills Required
  • Determination, dedication and perseverance are extremely important in this business. The fire in your belly should burn strong and hard in order for you to excel in the fashion world. Not everyone makes it to the elite few and there is certainly no room for mediocrity in this business.
  • Sheer originality and a strong and defined fashion sense are a must. Keeping abreast with the latest fashion trends all across the globe is required. A unique personal style statement which you can call your own, and that sets you apart from the rest, gives you an added advantage.
  • Stay updated and adopt the attitude of “eat, sleep and drink fashion”. It can take you to the top faster than any other attitude. A good knowledge of fashion photography and good contacts with well known photographers makes you a resourceful and more importantly a known face in the fashion circles.
Roles and Responsibilities        
  • The responsibilities include supervising and giving expert opinion on the creative aspect, for example, themes for a photo shoot or work on an upcoming project or the next issue of the magazine.
  • When they are not working on the magazine itself, fashion editors stay busy attending fashion weeks, press meets, important parties and/or P.R shows etc.
  • Conceiving fresh and new ideas, editing designer collections and helping with the advertising images are all in a day’s work for a fashion editor.
  • Maintaining the standards for your magazine begins with you and the policies that you create.
  • Last but not the least, networking and maintaining cordial relationships with the clients, models, photographers, advertisers, etc greatly reflect on the positive public image which, as a fashion editor, you should be able to portray.
Career Prospects
When big names queue up for your attention and show interest to feature in your magazine, then the world becomes your oyster and the sky, your limit. The magazines that you publish act as windows to the world of fashion and glamour and your career progression is directly proportional to the increase in the brand value of your magazine name.
With additional perks like free access to designer clothing lines and sometimes, even the free gifts that can be unbelievably sinful, the life of a fashion editor is swarmed with glamour. But with demonic on-screen presentations in “Devil wears Prada” and “Ugly Betty”, fashion editors are seen as nothing less than tyrants. That, obviously, is not a universal case. A ‘rotten apple’ can be found in every basket so it is really up to you to make your mark in this industry and change the way people look at your profile.

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