If you like playing with numbers and solving mathematical problems, how about becoming a math teacher? Learn how to become a middle school math teacher with this guide.

How To Become A Middle School Math Teacher

If mathematics was your favorite subject at school, then you would know that the subject is a lot more about than just numbers and equations. Basic math skills taught at school transform into lifelong analytical skills that help in addressing the greatest challenges of our day-to-day chores in various fields of technology, engineering, and science. As such, different mathematical concepts, such as numeric values, functions, equations, and numerous other principles form the foundation for other specializations taken up in later stages. Hence, if problem solving and numbers have always caught your attention, then why don’t you become a math teacher and pass on the knowledge and the same eagerness to the younger generations? And just when you are thinking of doing so, know that it is the middle school math that helps you in high school and other walks of education. Plus, with so many problems raised by middle school students, imparting knowledge and information would be of utmost use.
Becoming A Middle School Math Teacher
Before you become a qualified middle school math teacher, you have to master as a math student first. You should first obtain a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. As such, you should have a high school diploma or equivalent for admission to a bachelor’s degree program in mathematics. Besides, you should obtain a teacher training program in mathematics from any college or university offering the same. Apart from numerous educational programs, your course will include a semester of student training, wherein you have to train at a school under an experienced teacher. This will help you in making lesson plans, grading papers, and instructing students on your desired subject. Although it is not required, but obtaining a master’s degree in math education will be an added advantage to stay ahead of other applicants. Check with your state’s or nation’s requirements for a middle school math teacher as every state and nation has its own certification requirements.
Courses Required
Enroll in a college or university that offers teacher education program. Take the required courses for a middle school math teacher. Your course will include general educational requirements, math courses at the middle school level, and math methods courses. Middle school math generally includes algebra, data analysis, and geometry.
Skills Required
For becoming a middle school math teacher, you need to have the passion and craze for mathematics subject. Besides, you should have the desire for helping other people in learning valuable analytical skills that they may require in meeting life’s challenges. You should be highly respectful irrespective of the behavior of your students. Avoid yelling and displaying an impolite behavior. For, if you do so, you would be passing on the same to your students. Do not be a friend, but be friendly with your students. Create a friendly environment that will help students grasp information easily as opposed to a hostile environment where students consider their teacher as an enemy. You should maintain a clean and safe environment across classrooms and school.
Roles & Responsibilities
As a middle school math teacher, you will have to prepare lessons, teach students through lectures and other interactive activities, and grade test papers. In short, you will have to educate and prepare students for the responsibilities of mathematics in high school. You have to be a problem solver, not only for math problems, but also for problems that students are facing amongst themselves. Listen to the queries and questions of your students and try to solve them to your best. Besides teaching and passing on the mathematical skills and principles to your students, you have to conduct periodic assessments to evaluate their academic excellence and take necessary steps to improve their performance. You have to sketch academic and curriculum standards to help your students improve their learning and developmental skills. You should develop unit plans, lesson plans, and other instrumental materials to ensure student achievement as per the school’s academic standards. Further, you will have to work with other teachers to update student program to improve student understanding. Apart from monitoring students, you will be required to conference and meet up with parents for the progress of their students or administrators for improvements and advancement in courses or teaching methods. Besides, you may have to fulfill all responsibilities assigned to you by your principal that can include organizing extra-curricular activities or sponsoring a club. You will have to coordinate with other teachers in planning field trips and social activities.
Career Prospects
After you have completed the necessary educational qualifications and training for a middle school math teacher, you are now ready to apply for a job in different schools having an opening for the said position. With the increasing population of the world, there is likely to be an increase in student enrolment. As such, demand for more mathematics education will lead to more job opportunities. And with more demand, a career in mathematics teaching ensures strong job security. You are likely to enjoy comprehensive benefits package and extensive summer vacations, if you are lucky to get hired in a public school. You can expect more job openings in schools where math teachers are likely to retire, transfer, or leave the field for other reasons. The salary for a middle school math teacher is likely to vary depending upon location, degree, position, and benefits included in the salary.
The job of a middle school mathematics teacher is best for people who are passionate and excited about mathematics as a subject and who wish to pass on mathematical concepts to numerous students and aspiring mathematicians. With creativity, encouragement, motivation, and cooperation on your quality list, you can go ahead and achieve your career in mathematics. All the best!

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