Do you wish for a career in the rewarding field of human resource management? Do you often dream of becoming an HR manager? Read through the lines and learn how to become HR manager through these simple steps.

How To Become An HR Manager

A lucrative job profile, a chance to display not only your professional but also social skills and an opportunity to grow – this is what an HR or human resource profile is all about. This is a profession which is rewarding and full of opportunities but requires a lot of prior planning and preparation. Skilled human resource managers are in great demand in today’s developing economic scenario. With more and more small and big companies going global and realising the value of managing their human resources effectively, new avenues have been opened for prospective candidates in the field of human resource management. However, as mentioned earlier, a career in HR management calls for proper planning and preparation, both with respect to academics and interpersonal skills. This next section provides you with some useful tips to become an HR manager – tips that can help you in becoming a successful human resource manager! Scroll down for enlightenment!
Becoming  A Human Resource Manager
In order to start up a career in human resource management, a person must have either a graduate or a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management. The subjects studied in 10+2 don’t matter much and if you have a graduate degree in an unrelated field but happen to have a passion for this field in particular then you may take up a post-graduate degree in HRM and start off your career. Most colleges offering such programs require the applicants to have at least 3-4 years of experience and a good score in the entrance exam.
Courses Required
  • Degree or diploma: A 3-4 years Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with focus on human resource management coursework is the best way to start.
  • Attaining a certificate in human resources sponsored by the society for human resources management will add weightage to the qualification you have gained.
  • Undergoing a training program under a renowned association or company can give you practical knowledge and add value to your professional life.
  • It is advisable also to take up any HR internship offered by the college. Internships in HR at college level strengthen resumes and work in your favour during job-hunts.
  • Short term courses in HR-related fields like six sigma, employee engagement and employee welfare etc. add weightage to your resume and give you an edge over other applicants.
Skills Required
  • In order to be a successful human resource manager a person needs to have experience in dealing with confidential and critical interpersonal matters at all levels within an organisation.
  • Human resource managers need to follow an organised approach. They need to deal with matters pertaining to the entire workforce of the organisation and therefore, an organised working environment is a must.
  • Above average communication skills, ability to comprehend and provide information and a professional behaviour is a must to be a successful human resource manager.
  • A human resource manager should have the ability to improve at every stage of work and must give his/her best by applying innovative ideas to work.
  • HR managers must understand team dynamics, innovate ways to get different personalities together and deal with interpersonal issues as and when they occur.
Roles And Responsibilities
  • Looking for new employees by publishing job advertisements in newspapers, on the internet or in trade specific magazines is one of the major responsibilities of a HR manager.
  • An HR manager is responsible for the entire HR staff and is accountable for all the issues and challenges that face the workforce in general.
  • Managing the issues pertaining to employees’ health is also one of the important duties of HR manager. HR managers need to look after the safety and well being of the employees in the office.
  • HR managers also conduct employee orientation programs and arrange for requisite training and development programs for employees as and when the need arises.
  • Their main role revolves around keeping the workforce motivated and coordinated.
Career Prospects
Human resource managers have a lucrative and promising future. With globalisation at its peak and employee welfare as the new mantra in trade, companies require experienced human resource managers to maintain a healthy workforce. Be it information technology, communications or manufacturing and government contractor industries, human resource managers are in demand everywhere. A candidate qualified as a human resource manager can also work as independent consultant for a number of firms.
A well planned career path which includes acquiring the right qualification, training and experience is required to become a qualified human resource manager. Hope this article has inspired you towards becoming an HR manager!

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