Dressing up for an interview is barely an easy proposition but knowing what to wear for your big day can only land you a plum offer. Read on to know more on how to dress for an interview.

How To Dress For An Interview

Due for an interview anytime soon but stuck on ideas on what to wear for the big day? Well, dressing up for an interview is a tricky proposition, where your etiquette and sartorial sense count as much as your grades and accomplishments. When it comes to dressing up for an interview, there are a host of options to be considered. Nevertheless, getting the right look is something that never comes easy to all. Remember, your look can just make or break a deal. So you better get it right if you wish to make the most of your interview. If you want to dress for success, you’ve got to make the most of your first 30 seconds in the room. Knowing what and when to wear can just land you with a plum offer. Before you ransack your wardrobe or blow away big bucks on correct formal wear, checking out the following tips on how to dress for an interview will help. Read on to know more.
Dressing For An Interview
For Men 
  • Dressing up for an interview is serious business! So don’t even think of going for it wearing tees and wrinkled chinos. However, that doesn’t mean that you land up for an interview wearing your finest fashion ensembles. The cue is to keep your look casually formal and wear crisp, fitted and well-ironed clothes. Remember, dress to impress, not to shock!
  • If you are totally clueless on what to wear for your important interview, then going for the formal proposition of a suit and tie should do well. A suit is a smart alternative to your swanky self and complements all shapes and sizes.  You can team up colors like navy, charcoal gray and black with button-down dress shirts and a conservative silk tie and you are good to go. However, stay away from double-breasted suits and bright colored ties.
  • Unless you are totally sure about the dress norms of the prospective company, it’s safe to stick to the “business casual outfit”. This means no jeans, no ties but anything in between. You can wear anything from slacks to khakis to button-down shirts to sweaters and more. However, refrain from going over-the-top with your selection of colors and prints. Wear toned colors or muted pastels and yes, remember, your belt better match the color of your shoes!
  • The worst way to goof up on your impression is to land up all shabby and unshaven. Stubble and unruffled hair may otherwise look hep, but it isn’t indeed the best way to turn up for an interview. Just get a clean shave and neatly comb your hair and finger some slick gel and you are ready to rock the interview. 
  • Lastly, accessorize well! If you are wearing formals, stick to black or brown well-polished shoes. Carry a vinyl-bound portfolio or a leather briefcase to pep up your professional aura. However, keep away from using strong after-shave or perfumes. And yes, don’t forget to wear a smile.
For Women
  • When heading for an interview, the biggest blooper any woman can do is to dress too little or too short! Remember, your job interview is the only way to make or break your chance. So, dress decently. Stay away from short skirts and low tops. Stick to dark colored slacks, knee length skirts and simple blouses in well-coordinated colors and fits.
  • In case you plan to wear formals, team up a nice plain suit with a well-toned shirt or a blouse and you are ready to go. You can bet on shades of navy blue, dark beige or black for maximum appeal. However, stay away from utterly feminine and frilly dressing and avoid lace and ruffles altogether. You can tie a silk scarf around the neck to complete your look. 
  • Take care to present yourself well. Unkempt, messy hair and loud makeup is a big no-no! Roll your mane into a tight bun or a pony tail and use minimum makeup to complete you look. Light blusher, mascara and matte lipstick are enough to set the look straight for you. Avoid using eye shadow, glossy or dark colored lipsticks and heavy perfume.
  • You simply cannot afford to land up in flip-flops, high heeled boots or stilettos. Dramatic footwear should be strictly avoided when walking in for an interview. Instead, stick to shoes, loafers, pumps and closed toe shoes.
  • Stay away from body-hugging dresses, minis, strapped sandals, etc. If you are wearing a skirt, don’t forget to pull up the socks underneath. Also, take care to check that your nylons don't have holes in them. And yes, dump those over-sized handbags and totes at home unless you are applying for a job in a fashion house.

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