You have to plan from the word go for that elusive promotion that everyone hankers after. Here are some tips on how to go about working towards a promotion in your job.

How To Get A Promotion

After the question of “what women want”, the question considered most difficult to answer is “what do bosses/seniors want?” The answer to this question is as tricky and elusive as that of the eternal illusory question. While the answer to the former will permanently elude us, the answer to the second is slightly easier to answer. Since our seniors are linked with our promotion, which, in itself, seems rather elusive, one needs to think like a boss to know what a boss looks for in someone he would like to promote with more responsibility and such. What kind of people would you like to work with and entrust with more responsibility over time? Would you rather have them handle people or handle planning jobs? What qualities would you value in them and so on. Whether your boss is relaxed or cranky, a perfectionist or accepting – he or she will expect to see in you certain qualities like confidence, seriousness, awareness, pride in work, conviction, initiative-taking and so on. Thus, thinking from the boss’ point of view, here’s what you need to do to get that elusive promotion.
Getting A Promotion
Here’s a step-by-step approach to getting that elusive promotion:
Plan First
There are a few things you need to do when you are still in the planning stages for going ahead for that promotion:
  • You will need to ask yourself where you are professionally and why you are at that place. This will also help you decide as to what were your strengths that were responsible for seeing you this far and what are the weaknesses that you will need to correct before you are considered for a hike. This will give you a correct estimate of what to do in the path to success.
  • The next thing to ask yourself is where you want to go; where you would like to see yourself and how you plan to get there. You may want to be given more responsibilities in the same department or be given a different responsibility that no one has as yet. After you have decided where you would like to be, decide what you need to do in order to get there. 
Attitude Gets A Makeover 
Now that you know what to do to reach where you are headed, you need to bring a few changes in your attitude towards work:
  • Take pride in what you are doing, and, be passionate about it and believe in the task at hand. This will keep you genuinely motivated to be better than what you have been and to prove yourself worthy of higher responsibilities, even if they begin at smaller or seemingly insignificant jobs. The moment you begin to take pride in what you are doing, your performance will improve and you will be motivated to take initiative in the process.
  • Along with pride and belief, you need the necessary skills to handle more responsibility than what you are already handling. So if you feel you do not have the skills required yet, this is the right time to go ahead and acquire them.
  • One easy success tip – challenges are not chores, they are opportunities. The problem is that, as someone rightly pointed out, “opportunities come dressed as overalls and disguised as chores.” Don’t go by the appearances; the best things in life come disguised as something loathsome, just like good health always comes disguised as icky green vegetables. 
Get Going Now 
Now that you have brought about a U-turn in your attitude, and planned as to exactly where you are headed, you need to put these plans into actions:
  • You need to know exactly where you fit in – are you the planner, the implementer, the problem solver or the leader who delegates work? Being in a profession will teach you that there is no room for one man shows and that work is all a team effort. Knowing your part will help you execute it well, which will also win the trust of your colleagues, which is one of surest ways to be considered for better responsibility.
  • Be aware that you are being judged every second and that future plans and projects are best left to the future. Give importance and precedence to the work at hand this moment and give it your best. Also try not to rest solely on your past laurels, since nobody really cares about it anymore. Past is gone and the future is yet to come – what you can change is your present.
  • Remember that people who are dependable and take initiatives are the ones who are given more responsibility. So be proactive and do more than is expected out of you.

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