Do you want to know how to make a cold call for a job? One of the most effective ways of job hunting is making a cold call for a job. Read here and learn more!

How To Make A Cold Call For A Job

If you are a job-seeker continually getting rejection letters from companies of your choice, then maybe you should make some changes in your basic method of searching. We have a perfect alternative for you – a cold call! What? You think it is an office excuse? No, it is definitely not a case of calling your manager and taking leave from work due to a bout of flu. It can be defined as contacting companies who have not advertised for any available position. This can be done via email or even a phone call. This way there is a chance that you get informed of vacancies that have yet not been advertised and you might just get considered owing to your area of research, skills and qualifications and, not to mention, proactiveness. It is also called cold canvassing or uninvited job hunting! Ideally, this is applicable only when four-fifths of the job market is considered ‘closed’ but if you are desperate then this rule can be ignored. Since this is not the traditional way of gaining entry into an organization, it must be well-studied and researched before implementation. It can be an intimidating approach if not done appropriately. If you are interested in resorting to this technique and getting ahead of your competitors, then we’ve listed a few tips that might help!
Making Cold Call For A Job
Research And Plan
Don’t wake up one random morning and start dialing company numbers! This is hardly the way you should go about it. The first step must be to study and make a list of all the organizations which are relevant to your academic background and qualifications. Features such as benefits, training, salary and location must also be considered in their chronological order of priority. Look through the company’s website and obtain their number or email address.
Be Enthusiastic
Keeping a pen and paper ready, make that call! Positivity and enthusiasm in your voice will definitely sell and it is a way of telling the potential hiring staff that you are interested. Sounding dull and not having the power of persuasion will only bring about another rejection. Even though this company might not be first on your notepad, be natural, calm, relaxed and confident. The first few words out of your mouth should be: ‘my name is *insert name* and I would like to talk with the manager in charge’. When the concerned person comes on line, request for a few minutes of his/her time.
Make Your Purpose Clear
As you weave in and out of what you want to convey, remember that the reason why you called was to let the employer know of your skills! Be specific and focused in doing so. Start by telling them that you can offer your services when required and if employed, you will be able to accomplish the ideals of the organization. Being vague never works with cold calls and in a worst-case scenario, can even make them hang up on you. Key information must include awards, related honors programs and certificate courses, skills and experience. You have about fifteen minutes to communicate all this information!
Follow Up
There are no brownie points for this one! Whether you like it or not, send an email thanking them for their time. Attach your resume and cover letter as promised. Send in any other information that might aid your application process. You might not realize it but a follow-up goes a long way in determining your personality. If the employer finds a position for you, he’s going to choose you over the others just for your professional etiquette.  
These are some of the suggestions which can help you make a cold call to a company that you have been targeting. Remember that he who speaks up remains fool for that moment, and he who never speaks remains a fool forever!

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