Time management is the skill to manage the time and to prioritize the activities. Read the following article to learn the importance of time management in life.

Importance Of Time Management

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." Rightly quoted by William Penn, this adage truly reflects the nature of human beings at large. Though we all know that time and tide waits for none, we fail to act accordingly and waste much of the time we have. Unlike the other resources, time is special and cannot be stored or saved for later use, for once gone, you can never retrieve it. Hence, the importance of time management! Conduct a survey and you would find four out of five people complaining how every time they take up a task, they cannot complete it due to insufficient time.Such people are often found blaming everything and everyone else other than their own self for the unfinished work. And these are the people who blame lack of time for their work load, poor finances, unachieved goals, stress, bad relationships and so on. But, consider that single person who completed the entire task and did not face any of the above mentioned problems. Was time more favorable to him? Or did he have more than 24 hours in a day? Well, it is none of the two. He just used time wisely and gave time management its due importance. His is an example of how through right time management, one can “create” the time one needs, and not just wait for it to come. Time management not only helps complete the work on time, but also allows a person to do more things in the given time. To give a detailed explanation of the above, below mentioned are certain pointers that would reflect the importance of time management.
Importance Of Time Management
Time is Limited
Before you understand the importance of time management, it is important to understand the fact that time is a finite entity. It is a limited resource with fix number of hours that can not be reclaimed. Time once lost can never come back; and time management is nothing but managing the time and using this limited resource for maximum outcome.
You Become Efficient
One of the best advantages of time management is that it makes you more efficient. With the help of time management, you perform faster without any decrease in quality. Since you have time for all the work, your efficiency increases by miles. Also, time management allows you to work smarter and better and not harder and longer.
Your Productivity Increases
With the help of time management you become more productive and can accomplish several tasks with less effort. Time management facilitates reduction in wasted time and effort, hence providing you with more productive time throughout the day. It further allows you to manage time for a wide range of activities that will bring more balance and fulfillment to your life.
Time for Important Things
How many times have you taken your office work back home? How many hours in a day do you spend with your children and your spouse? When was the last time you played your favorite sport? Don't be sad answering these questions and just learn to manage your time. Next time, when someone asks you any of the above questions, you would feel happy and elated, for you would have enough time for the really 'important' things in life.
To Perform Things in Better Ways
It is a common habit of people to say that they have too many things to do but not enough time. They blame lack of time for everything, right from having a bloated tummy (no time for exercise), to having unrealized goals (no time to fulfill them), to even bad relationships (too much work and too less time). Time management facilitates you to perform tasks in better ways, making no room for excuses.
Helps to Prioritize Things
In the path of our life, we have to perform several tasks every day, some of them being more important than others. Time management helps in knowing what is urgent and what can be done later. Being able to recognize work that needs focus at the right time is important to achieve career success.
Helps in Achieving Bigger Goals
It is important to set goals in order to achieve career success. Further, these goals should be mapped onto a timeline. Goals without any specific time of completion are hard to accomplish. No one can get success in a day; it is a gradual process and involves a number of small steps. You should understand the importance of time management, as your success depends on these small steps across time. Wastage of seconds and minutes could lead to waste of hours and days, which can further accumulate into poor results. Time management is important to manage the small steps required to fulfill bigger goals.
Too many Distractions
In today’s life, there are so many distractions, and it is very easy to lose time on unimportant activities. Time management helps us keep a track of things, by analyzing the daily activities we perform and judging their importance towards our final goal or aim. Time management further helps us to think if the time spent on a particular activity is well spent or is it just being wasted.
Now as you have learned the importance of time management, implement it in your life to achieve success and happiness. Remember, once lost, time can never be regained.

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