Are you planning for a midlife career change? Take advantage of the following career change advice and make a big leap.

Midlife Career Change

“The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.” – Isaac Asimov. With all that wisdom about change, we still hesitate to accept it especially with respect to careers and jobs. Though career changes in young ages are not uncommon, midlife career change is still a matter of confusion for many of us. It is largely because of the uncertainty that entails a new job and the gap that one perceives in the current skills and the desired ones. In many cases, where entire families depend on a single person, a thoughtless decision could wreck havoc. An unwise job change can bring about insecurity in life and this insecurity ultimately kills motivation and confidence. But, if dealt wisely, a career change can be a milestone. In some cases, a career change may not even be a planned event. Unfavorable work atmosphere and job pressure may leave the person without a choice. Whatever may be the reason you are planning for a career change, there are certain things to be considered before making a decision. This following section seeks to help you with some inputs on how to make an aware career change decision. Scroll down for more.
Midlife Career Change Advice
Assess Your Present Situation
You have been in your current position for long and have the most desirable qualifications and experience in your field. But, you still receive the same old salary with minimum hike and find it difficult to make ends meet. As you move towards midlife, your roles and responsibilities in your family also grow. Also, you would have your own dreams and aspirations to cater to. Think whether your current job or field is enough to meet all your needs. If not, then it is better to change your field because a job that doesn’t support your dreams and responsibilities cannot keep you satisfied for long.
Think About Your Skills And Experience
Think about what all skills you have – both innate and acquired. Think about your work experience and also how you plan to utilize your experience in your job hunt. Focus on your experience if you want to get a job with same profile. If you wish to do something new, a complete profile change, then focus more on skills as your experience would not help you in this. Check the profile of the desired job and find out the desired skills for this post. Check whether you possess those skills and also make a functional resume stressing largely on skills. If you still identify some gaps between you and your dream career, the best way to fill it up is to pursue a course in line with the desired job.
What Area Of Work Do You Prefer
Think of the area of work you prefer and why do you prefer that. Go through the job profile and find out whether it is similar to what you are looking for. Also, think about the chances of employment in that line. Do a thorough research on the desired skills and qualifications and equip yourself accordingly. This is not as easy as it appears to be. It may take time. It is better if you start the preparation much before you make a career leap.
Preferred Lifestyle
Think about what lifestyle do you prefer and check whether this step would help in attaining or maintaining that. While attempting for a career change, you should consider whether this change takes you closer to your dreams. 
Ideal Location
Choose a location for yourself and search a job in that location. When looking for a job abroad, check for additional certifications or qualifications required for various countries and then apply accordingly.
Plan Your Leap
After researching for the above details, equip yourself accordingly and then plan your leap. Make a definite time schedule, zero down on the industry and companies of your choice and then forward your application efficiently.
Attempting a career change is not bad if you calculate the risks well and stay prepared for them. It can give you better opportunities, exposure and satisfaction. You may have heard “To exist is to change; to change is to mature; to mature is to create oneself endlessly”. So, change your career and embrace a brighter future.

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