Do you have a passion for both, science and kids? You might want to consider paediatrics. Have a look at this article to know the right courses for it.

Paediatrics Courses

Paediatrics is a very vital and flowering branch of medical science. It deals with the intricacies and peculiarities of child medical care and treatment. Paediatrics essentially caters to the special medical needs of the infants and kids before and after they reach puberty. Children must be handled with care and skill. Not everybody is cut out to be a paediatrician. Irrespective of your medical qualifications and brain power, paediatrics is field that seeks loving, cautious and patient traits within an interested candidate. One should easily adapt to working for stretched and inflexible hours as well as uncomfortable shifts to be rendered a successful paediatrician. The government and numerous private hospitals are perpetually on a scavenger hunt for highly qualified and skilled paediatricians. In fact, medical institutes are continually adding paediatrics to their syllabus and academic programs. Aspiring paediatricians commence internships at children's hospital soon after completing their courses or become Paediatric specialists. Raid this section to learn of the courses in paediatrics, its career prospects and the how to thrive as a paediatrician.   

Courses In Paediatrics

If the candidate wishes to do his or her bachelors in paediatrics, the requirements would be completion of 10 +2 years of education from a recognized school board, or an equivalent of that. The student must have a good foundation in all the science subjects and will be judged on his or her results in these specific arenas. Master degrees in paediatrics are available as well and the prospective candidate can apply after having completed one’s bachelors degree or MBBS. To be a successful and practicing paediatrician, four years of medical school is indeed mandatory. However, if one seeks additional knowledge and research, numerous courses and diplomas can be availed with a stipulated level of science education. 

Details Of The Course
Several medical institutes all around the globe now offer comprehensive and specialized courses in paediatrics to train and mould students to be perfect paediatricians and to master the art of child treatment. With this detailed combination of topics, one learns to analyse paediatric and neonatal health problems scientifically and implement optimal strategies to prevent neonatal childhood morbidity mortality.

  • Structural basis of health and disease.
  • Normal growth from conception to maturity.
  • Normal requirements of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.
  • Functional & psychological basis of health and disease.
  • The scientific and full use of the extended senses of clinical investigations.
  • Evolving an approach to the definition of the clinical problem.
  • Embryological development including influence of maternal health on the foetus.
  • Physical & personality growth & development of the infant, child & adolescent.
  •  Identifying abnormal psychological development.
  • Evolving clinico-pathological correlations.
  • Principles of immunization- vaccine preservation and cold-chain.
  • Haematology.
  • Principles of inheritance and diagnosis of genetic disorders.
  • Child respiratory systems.
  • Child gastro intestinal tract.
  • Cognitive aspects of child behaviour and learning.
  • Clinical approach to a child with coma, convulsions, mental retardation, acute pyogenic meningitis, encephalitis & tubercular meningitis.
  • Paediatric emergencies. 
Medical graduates and post-graduates from this field gain relevant information on paediatrics and neonatology and update the concepts and practice evidence based on these topics. General surgery and several research activities too are part and parcel of doing courses in paediatrics.

Career Prospects
The demand for paediatricians escalates with time as parents are growing more and more protective about their children. Professionals in this field are coveted by most government and private hospitals, hence providing growing job opportunities for young talented doctors. Paediatrics doesn’t even come close to being a dead end in medical science as new developments are explored every day. Apart from the fantastic remuneration, experience and knowledge derived from this field is immensely valuable to you, your families and your friends.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Paediatrics
  • Department of Paediatrics, Oxford University, UK
  • Nilratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata , India
  • Department of genetics and Paediatrics, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Bangalore, India
  • Stanford University, California, USA
  • Rangaraya Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India

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