Does the thought of working in the print industry tickle you? This article will tell you how and why you should pursue the thought.

Printing Technology Courses

Print is an essential medium in today’s world. A silent voice, messages can be conveyed between parties spread out at different parts of the world. That is how efficient this medium really is! Nevertheless, without the prowess of technology, print would cease to exist and we would have to resort to pen and paper! But guess what? We don’t have to go down that road anytime soon. The printing industry is thriving and innovations in printing technologies are increasing manifold. In the middle of the 20th century, printing technology as a field of study rapidly gained momentum and it continues to be a coveted profession till date. The vast subjects delve deep into the topics of analog and digital technologies. Students of such courses tend to dismiss the world outside their classroom at certain points of their course occupancy. Not only does it focus on the advanced technological aspects, but provides relevant knowledge on consumables (printer inks, toners, and print cartridges). So, if printing technology happens to be your calling, you should read this article and stumble upon some of the best courses.

Career In Printing Technology   

Candidates seeking admission into formal bachelors in printing technology must have a good science background. They are required to have passed 10+2 or any equivalent from a recognized board. Priority is obviously given to the combination of physics, chemistry and mathematics while assessing candidate’s competence. The most popular course is bachelor of engineering in printing technology (usually of four year duration) for which an entrance examination will be mandatory. On completion of bachelors, one can move on to masters in printing technology or a one year diploma from a renowned university. Such master courses include an M.E. in printing engineering and graphic communication. 

Details Of The Course
Colleges and universities offer very comprehensive and unique collection of courses. The subjects and topics largely aid students in acquiring a thorough understanding and training in this field as they strive to achieve their goals. Here are a few of the topics that are guaranteed to feature in the printing technology syllabus.

  • Introduction To Product Design And Process Selection
  • Analog & Digital Printing
  • Product Designing Strategies
  • Modern Electronic Technology
  • Materials & Metals Used For Image Carriers 
  • Light Sensitive Materials, Papers, Boards and Their Characteristics
  • Printing Inks
  • Film Assembling
  • Requirements Of Paper And Ink For Various Printing Processes
  • Science And Basic Engineering
  • Product Policy Of An Organization
  • Print As A Communication Tool
  • Techniques For Improving The Design Process
  • Process Design And Selection
  • Managing The Supply Chain
  • Classification Of Forecasting Methods & Forecast Errors
  • Inventory Control
  • Selective Control Of Inventory
  • Quality Management
  • Fundamental Concepts Of Quality & Quality Cost,
  • Quality Assurance, Concepts Of Six Sigma & Its Implementation In Printing Industry
  • Statistical Print Process Control
  • Use Of Control Charts For Print Application
  • Control Charts For Variables
  • Process Capability & Process Performance
Printing technology is a decently vast topic and contains a number of options for students to specialize further and be a master of a niche topic. Specialized and multi-level courses extend to specializations in laser printing, photocopying, electronic pre-press, sheet-fed scanners, offset presswork, flexography, duplicator operation and screen printing. Printing technology isn’t solely a means of generating income, but also an art!

Career Prospects

Lucrative printing jobs can be scooped out of numerous sectors. There are massive printing houses that include brochure printing, silk screen printing, postcard printing and so on. A qualified printing professional is entitled to work in printer manufacturing houses, as well as consumable producing companies. A huge chunk of manufacturing and commercial companies rely on printing professionals to produce significant material. Leading publishers like Prentice Hall, Macmillan, and Oxford University Press employ qualified professionals in various capacities. Imagine the remunerations you can bag!

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Printing Technology

  • State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota, USA
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
  • Sci Print Technology Institute , Singapore
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College, Birmingham, UK
  • Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Engineering & Technology, Pune , India
  • Anna University, Chennai, India
  • Ferris State University, USA
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) , Australia

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