Have you ever wondered how lovely it would be to bask in the status of being a production engineer? This article will help you materialize that dream.

Production Engineering Courses

While many are hell-bent on pursuing an engineering degree in computer science or electronics, some might be interested in following a rather unconventional path. Production engineering is one of these options that not only consist of an attention-grabbing course curriculum, but promise a lucrative and exhilarating future for radical science students. This course provides an enthralling insight into the integrated design and efficient planning of the entire manufacturing system. As numerous sophisticated production methods and complex control systems surface, advanced training courses are necessary to effectively pass on these techniques and methods to the newer generations. It deals entirely with planning and control of the mechanical modes of shape manipulations, conditional alterations, and relationship of materials within the industry. It attempts to uplift modern machinery toward greater effectiveness and value. It stands as an intensive study that entails the absolute concentration and participation of a student, and encloses tremendous room for technological and mechanical progress. So if your heart and mind beseech you to aboard the ship sailing to the port of production engineering, this article will assist you in these endeavours.

Courses In Production Engineering

It goes without saying that in order to enrol yourself into a bachelor in production engineering you must have passed your 10+2 or an equivalent and you need a good grasp of the physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects. Further on, participants will be assessed on the basis of a bunch of practical assignments and on-line multiple choice exams. Many colleges and universities conduct entrance examinations to shortlist candidates who are most suited for the course’s requirements. A personal interview may or may not be necessary so as to test one’s aptitude in this field. A masters or diploma in production engineering can be availed from many universities. 

Details Of The Course
Students gain methodical know-how and optimal training in the domain of production engineering. Colleges establish a very comprehensive syllabus which generally consists of the topics stated below.

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
  • Production Management
  • Primary Production Processes
  • Replacement Models and Game Theory
  • Queuing Models & Simulation
  • Forecasting, Sequencing and Project Network Analysis
  • Static and Variable Stress Analysis
  • Design of Mechanical Elements
  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Design
  • Endurance Limit, Modifying Factors &Fluctuating Stresses
  • Design for Static Loads-Bending, Torsion And Axial Loads
  • Design Of Gears-Spur, Helical, Bevel and Worm Gears
  • Measurement Of Form Errors, Surface Roughness And Measuring Machines
  • Measurement of Screw Threads & Gears
  • Slip Gauges, Micrometers & Verniers
  • Casting Processes
  • Melting, Pouring and Testing
  • Modernisation & Mechanisation In Foundry
  • Moulding Methods & Processes
  • Design Considerations in Casting And Gating
  • Electron Beam And Laser Beam Welding
  • Welding Power Sources And Characteristics
  • Safety Aspects & Automation Of Welding
  • Non-Linear Programming & Dynamic Programming
  • Management Information Systems & Manufacturing Simulation
  • Optoelectronics & Laser Materials Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision
  • Computer Networking and Web Based Technology
  • Reliability Engineering & Plant Maintenance
  • Human Engineering & Behavioural Science
Production engineering as the name suggests is a very vast field of study and practice. A graduate stemming from this faction of engineering can move forward and specialize in streams like metallurgical engineering, robotics and its several applications, machinery and so on. Just like how building a brand involves a variety of specialists, building a machine too necessitates the expertise of various production engineers.

Career Prospects

A skilful production engineer can find employment without batting his or her eyelids. By merely entering the premises of a public or private manufacturing organization with a production engineering degree in hand, chances of ‘getting hired’ are phenomenally high. Duties include implementation, development and management of new production or its computer controlled inspection, assembly and handling. The icing on the cake will definitely be the generous remuneration which justifies the escalating cost prices of machinery.

Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Production Engineering

  • Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany
  • New College Durham, England, UK
  • Velammal Engineering College, Chennai, India
  • Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India
  • University Of Houston, USA
  • North Dakota State University, USA