It is the handful of qualities that make you stand apart from the pool of employees making you the asset for the company. Glance through these qualities of a good employee and judge your worth.

Qualities Of A Good Employee

Is it scoring the highest score in the interview or attending all the meetings that make you an ideal employee? Or, is it being on time to the office or even being the favourite of your manager that take you up the path of success? It is not just one or two of the above aspects but a whole set of varied qualities that eventually make you an ideal employee. An ideal employee is respected by others and is also the one whose career path is the most planned and focussed. And obviously, these are the same qualities that employers search in an employee. These qualities determine your place in the team while also increasing your worth as an employee in the entire organisation. It is a challenge for the employee to retain most of these qualities and use them as and when required as well as a challenge for the employers to retain employees with these qualities in the organisation. Mentioned below are the characteristics of a good employee that employers are always in search of.
Characteristics Of A Good Employee
Positive Attitude
A confident and positive approach towards work is what makes you unique and stand out from the rest of the employees in the company. A cheerful and positive personality is valued and respected by all and such a personality also provides a motivational environment to work.
Communication Skills
A good idea is of no worth if you cannot explain it properly to both your team and the manager. Excellent written and verbal skills help the employee express clearly and accurately and this, in turn, helps in the career growth. Good communication skills are the basic requirements for a prospective employee because a company requires individuals who can understand the company’s policies and then explain them among the subordinates.
Another quality of a good employee is motivation and the ability to take initiative. An efficient employee never hesitates to take up responsibilities and also goes a step beyond the call of duty to meet the set goals and solve the approaching difficulties.
Hard Worker
Hard work, along with dedication, is the key to success, especially if you are a part of an organisational set up with thousands like you waiting for an opportunity to grab. Being an employee, a consistency in performance is the only way that can ensure that you climb up the ladder of success.
Adaptable/Flexible And Effective Learner
Employees need to be adaptable to the surroundings as well as flexible enough to mould according to the working environment. An employee interested in learning and growing need not worry too much about the changing conditions rather should adapt soon and perform his/her best.
Team Player
When employed in an organisational set up, you cannot possibly work out the team set up that is given to you irrespective of the post you hold. A company looks for individuals who can work efficiently and display their skills within a team set-up. An employee who can contribute to the team and can lead it towards success is considered as an ideal worker in the company.
Time Management
Ability to meet targets under the stipulated time period is one of the most important qualities of an ideal employee. You will be given multiple responsibilities at the same time which you will have to accomplish without any excuses. This is where time management comes into picture. You, as an employee, are expected to manage your work well within the time frame provided to you, without compromising on the quality of work.
Trustworthiness is another important quality attested to an ideal employee. Loyalty and truthfulness is obviously expected out all the employees. Also, as an employee, you are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines of the company and maintain confidentiality and prudence at all costs.
Strong Work Ethic        
Being energetic and showing enthusiasm is good but jumping from one project to another without completing the work assigned to you is not what is expected out of an employee. It is definitely not a good work ethic to leave work incomplete and wander around different departments.
These are certain defined qualities of a good employee that employers look for in prospective candidates. These qualities prove to be beneficial for the future of both the organisation and the employee.

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