Applying for a job and struggling for objectives? Following is a list of sample resume objectives. These examples will help your resume create an impression you desire.

Resume Objective Samples

“The objective of my life is …………”. Difficult, isn’t it? You can never know what you want in life till you either find it or lose it. And what to lose for finding an appropriate resume objective? A little bit of time and maybe a few precious brain-cells. Think what you want from life. And think deeper than a job. Think career, life and most importantly, satisfaction. Your first task is to ascertain the kind of industry or profile that you’d like to work in. Reflect and find your strengths and then focus on places where your strengths are the basic qualifying requirements. After this, zero down on the set of companies that you’d like to work with. Base this choice on careful research about work culture and growth prospects in those places. That’s when you will be able to write a perfectly honest and customised resume-objective. Do not fall into the trap of distinguishing between objectives and profiles. Just remember that an ideal resume-objective is one to two lines and never more than three. Also try using required job-qualities in it because employers tend to search for phrases and basic qualities that fit the job position. And finally remember, “never general, be specific”.
Resume-Objectives Examples
Specific Positions
  • Sales management where my experience can be effectively utilized to increase product sales volume by developing a dynamic team.
  • Serve as legal advisor, making legal determinations, advising the firm's partners, as well as reviewing agreements or legal documents to secure the firm's interests.
  • Financial planner seeking an achievement-driven opportunity to create and maintain profitable relationships with clients while maximizing investment strategies designed to achieve their financial goals.
  • Professional alignment with the XYZ Foundation in a position that will benefit from my marketing skills, community and educational contacts, and commitment to wildlife conservation and education.
  • Seeking a project management position with leadership responsibilities including problem solving, planning, organizing and managing budgets.
  • In quest of challenging and rewarding assignments in the field of jewelry designing with an organization of high repute where I can utilize my creativity, trend driven designing and dynamism along with my professionally enriched experience of more than 7 years.
  • Elementary school teacher preferably in a second grade classroom dedicated to age-appropriate instruction utilizing, multiple instructional strategies, technology, and thematic study focused on education the whole child.
  • To fill the role of high school principal by successfully leading the school through building high performing teams, responsibly managing work and people, and enlisting others in the school vision.
  • Senior software engineer where my 6 years experience in C programming can be utilized.
Generic Positions:
  • Management position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations, project management, and staff recruitment and retention.
  • My goal is to work with latest technologies and Professional group where my skills and knowledge can contribute to its success.
  • Obtain a position at XYZ Ltd where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.
  • Create integrated strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, brand/product evolution, and media endorsement.
  • Customer care representative position where my customer relations experience can be fully utilized to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company brand name.
  • Obtain a position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my customer-service experience in a challenging environment to achieve the corporate goals.
  • A senior production management or related position that leverages experience and skills in six sigma and my ability to scale up production processes.
  • A hotel management position or other opportunity utilizing my extensive personnel management expertise and demonstrated success in cost savings.
Generic Objectives:
  • To pursue long-term career in a professional organization enabling company objectives of growth, customer satisfaction and service industry.
  • To work in a challenging environment demanding all my skills and efforts to explore and adapt myself in different fields, and realize my potential and contribute to the development of organization with impressive performance. 
  • An upper-level management position in an executive capacity where leadership and management skills can be exercised to improve the firm's expansion and long-term viability as a successful business. 
Additional Tips:
  • Freshers, to make-up for their lack of experience, must use resume-objective to emphasize their education and on the work ethic, they possess.
  • For people changing careers, resume-objectives can seek to show the employer what they can add to the organization, despite lack of relevant experience. For e.g., “An upper-level management position in an executive capacity where leadership and management skills can be exercised to improve the firm's expansion and long-term viability as a successful business”.
  • Experienced people can clearly specify which position they are interested in and why through their resume-objective.
  • People with a break in their work-life due to military duty or family matters can explain how their experiences can be productive skills on the job.

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