Being positive is momentary but staying positive during problems is an attitude. Imbibe in yourself this attitude to get past the high tides and come ashore.

Staying Positive

It's said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And nothing puts this statement to test better than a crisis situation, when at the time of emergencies and predicaments, positive attitude is the first thing that is pushed out of the window, and becoming tough becomes the toughest thing to do. How to sustain the positive attitude during such hard times is the question. Before you get answers to this, it is important to first comprehend what positive attitude is all about. Positive attitude is nothing but looking towards the brighter side of the situation. And if you can’t seem to find one, it’s important to polish the rough side and garner some positivity on your own. Doing so will trigger positive emotions in you, thereby bringing positive outcomes. On the other hand, if you’re unable to do so, not only will the unfavorable situation spoil your mood and days, but will also affect the people directly connected to you. Here are a few tips which will work when you feel negative and need positive thoughts.
Staying Positive
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” The first step towards staying positive is that you know yourself. And even if you don’t care to admit, you’ll know yourself for what you are the moment you’ll lock eyes with your own reflection. And the mirror won’t lie! Let go pretence (if any) and set things straight with yourself. See your qualities or lack thereof for as they are. Write all of it down in a journal: your past achievements, your strengths, and reasons for past failures etc to remind yourself at a later stage whenever you feel bogged down by the negativity inside or around you.
Good Wolf Bad Wolf
We all have heard the story that two wolves, good wolf & bad wolf, stay with us all the time. And the wolf we feed the most becomes loyal to us, while the other one eventually stops showing up, unless we call it ourselves. Don’t let the bad wolf dictate terms to you! Feed the good wolf with the positive things you jotted down in the journal. Whenever negative thoughts like “Nobody cares for me", "I create problems for people", "I have no right to live" etc surface up, remind yourself about the strengths you possess instead on focusing your energy on the negativity.
Plan towards Betterment
If more often than not you have been falling short of what you set out to achieve, then you may have been setting up unrealistic goals. What you need to do is go step by step: setting up a few short term achievable goals for yourself in order to achieve a long term objective, while keeping your strategies dynamic rather than static. Also, it will do no harm in seeking help from experienced people, both in work environment and personal life. Attaining these goals will give you a high and will boost your self esteem, thereby helping you stay positive.
Lucky or Unlucky
If you feel that there exist some people on whom luck has been outright favorable while you are stuck knee deep in the muddle; know this that there also exist people who are neck deep in the muddle while you are still able to breathe with ease. Why compare then? To each, his/her burden seems impossible to bear until an even heavier load is added to the back, and that’s when it feels the previous load was much lighter one. The moment you kick this comparison thing out of the picture, you’ll be freeing yourself from the bondages and will start to look at things with a brighter perspective and with positivity naturally flowing from the inside.
Bad Times Pass By
If change is the only thing that is constant, then how is this bad phase going to stay? It will not! Nothing is permanent in life! If good times have passed by, so will the bad times. Keep yourself motivated during such times and know that this cloud cover isn’t going to stay for long. By doing this you will be able to gather the courage to fight it out, and before you know it, the sun will show up again, shining brightly on your life. So, have patience, be positive and you would soon steer your boat away from these high tides to the calm seas.
Strive to remain positive with the tips mentioned above during the lows of life and you would have a fantastic life ahead. So, stay positive and you would automatically stay happy and contented!

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