For some, the jump from college to starting a career is stressful and chaotic. If you are one of such people, then the following articles can help allay your stress levels with tips to head start from college to career.

The Stress Of Starting A Career From College

For some of us, the transition from college to office is more of a reality check which involves pulling up the socks and rolling up the sleeves. It is important to understand at this point that there is nothing in life which is permanent. Growing as an individual and evolving by taking on new roles and responsibilities is not only necessary but also very important. Life takes a new turn as you step out of the college and try knowing the big bad world that awaits you. Newer challenges harden you and teach you fresh lessons that you can’t possibly have encountered in the class-rooms. It is that time in your life when you are given the full liberty to chase your dreams and fulfil your ambitions. However, this journey is not always a bed of roses and the thorns, in this case, will either be office politics, low pay, long working hours, horrible bosses, unsatisfactory job profile, etc. The list is never ending but the important thing to remember is the main aim in your life. If your current job is a means to the main objective then swallow the pride and work long and hard because, in the end it does pay off. Read the following section to manage the stress at the beginning of your career.
How To Handle Stress Of Starting A Career From College
Be Positive
Be prepared for situations like difficult bosses and excessive workload and take them in your stride when you encounter them.  Although it is easier said than done but realising that controlling your mood and depression can drive away the blues is important if you wish to have a good career. Always bear in mind that you are fresher and keep your expectations limited. Get involved with voluntary exercises like contributing ideas or thinking out of the box and involve yourself in the extra-curricular activities – your hobbies – after office hours to stay on the “being positive” drive!
Be Realistic
If you are a fresh pass-out from college you would probably be starting your career with grinding the stone at the entry level position in a back breaking job and peanuts to look forward to at the end of the month. Ok, so even if this was an exaggeration, the point we are trying to make here is that be realistic. With no experience and no decent proof of your credibility, you cannot land up with your dream job in a wink. Set realistic goals and when you are able to reach your targets, the stress levels will reduce automatically.
Interact With Your Co-workers
Even though you have a fancy college degree, you can’t afford to be full of yourself and stay aloof in the workplace. A great stress buster is to make new friends in your office and share conversations with them. Seek help with your work load from these colleagues and reciprocate the favour by offering to help when they need it. Don’t overdo the friendship and do things like bunk office and go watch movie like you would in college. Remember to keep things professional yet friendly.
Make Yourself Comfortable
Finding a comfort zone in your workplace is extremely important. Find out the names of your co-workers and jot down important points regarding your work, in general, and familiarise yourself with both the work and the surroundings. Once you settle down, you would be less stressed out as you would know who to approach with what problem.
Keep The Humour Alive
This would probably be the most important tip to keep stress at bay and gel in better with the new surroundings. Cracking an occasional joke or two or passing a smile to your colleagues or even having lunch table conversations can work wonders at your workplace. It is important to balance work and fun so try to lighten up sometimes and see the funnier side to life. You might just get popular as the “sunshine” of your office and that can be really cool!
Hope the above mentioned points help you understand that job isn’t about being sad and morose — for there is a difference between maturity and boredom. You can take your time to catch up — always remember that you are still young and fresh out of college so you can goof up as long as you learn from the goof-ups and don’t repeat them in the future!

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