Words can create wonders and the usage of right keywords in a resume can make you the show-stopper. Glance through the top ten words to use in resume and make their sensible use in your resume.

Top Ten Words To Use In Resume

Your resume is the self portrait that you present to the prospective employers and the employer will only buy a portrait if he finds something interesting in it. Therefore, the way you paint your picture in your resume is quite important. It is only after reading the resume will the employer get an idea of your calibre. Each one of us possesses certain qualities but it is the person who uses it and applies it at the right time is the winner. There are several ways in which you can market your abilities in the resume, one of it being the use of powerful and positive words in your resume. There are certain words that convey the unique talents and experience that you have gained in your professional life. It is the correct usage of these keywords that can help you market your portrait well to the employer, thereby compelling him/her to invest on you. Mentioned below are 10 powerful words your resume needs in order to create a long-lasting impression on the recruiter.
10 Powerful Words Your Resume Needs
All employers look for winners in their candidates for such candidates are the ones who believe in themselves and are self-confident. Using the word ‘successfully’ in your resume while describing your responsibilities and achievements can point out your achievements while emphasizing your skills effectively.
Use the word ‘leadership’ while writing about your profile or achievements in the resume. Employers need leaders who can manage and inspire a set of employees towards the path of achievement. This word will portray your capability as a person who can be entrusted with responsibilities.
Social quality is one of those essential qualities that are expected to be present in a competitive candidate. You need to portray through your resume that you are capable of working in a team and can interact with people efficiently. The word ‘team-player’ describes your involvement with colleagues and clients alike.
The use of the word ‘created’ while narrating a project handled by you might work wonders for you. Companies are in search of people who are not just good watchdogs of targets and time constraints but also innovate, research and create new technologies and methods of doing the same task more efficiently.
Use of these words in your resume will also work in your favour and might also act as the deal sealer for you. Use these words to put across a situation wherein you took up initiative and helped the company, through your creative ideas, to expand or increase its productivity and/or its market value.
Support is another powerful word that can be used in a resume. Employers wish to hire people who can interact with colleagues and assists the management. You can also use this word to describe your relationship with your former management.
Employers like candidates whom they can rely upon and who give them certain futuristic hope. Use the word ‘will’ to describe things that you will do if hired, use ’can’ to showcase your abilities and present a plan of action that you wish to apply.
Use this word while playing your own trumpet for former glories and triumphs. The employer is not interested in your career summary as much as he is interested in judging your worth for the company based upon your past track-record for success.
All the candidates will surely list down their skills, talents and abilities in the resume. In order to stand out from the crowd, make use of the word ‘applied’ in the resume while explaining situations wherein you effectively made use of your skills. Employers are interested in finding out whether you have applied your theoretical knowledge for practical purposes or not.
Accomplished is the tenth powerful word that you can make use of in a resume but it is definitely not the last. Prospective employers prefer hiring people who have tasted success, therefore, your energy and commitment should be clearly manifest in your resume. By promoting your background as accomplished and successful, you can make the potential company crave for your excellence.
Wondering what these top ten words to use in resume can do? By using these words to describe your professional profile, you can create an impressive picture of yourself in the mind of the employer thereby compelling him/her to hire you.

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