Slander at the workplace can take a toll on the psyche and performance of a harassed individual. Dive deep into this article to know about handling slander.

Workplace Slander

The term slander basically refers to a statement, an untrue one at that, doing the rounds just to defame a particular individual. Slander in the workplace, just like slander in general, is a derogatory thing and can even have a horrendous effect on the psyche and performance of an individual. When a particular individual or a group of individuals are guilty of passing slanderous statements against a co-worker, it only spells disaster for the victimized co-worker. It affects only one of the two parties involved. The slandering individuals have been provided with fodder for their meaningless gossip, but the targeted employee is forced to struggle with something that is not even true. Slanderous rumors or concocted stories mostly do the rounds at the workplace to bring down the popularity of a particular employee, a means of getting revenge, jealousy or simply to have something to talk about. Everything said and done, slander still is highly infectious and so much more harmful. Read on to know how to handle slander at the workplace.
Handling Slander In Workplace
Initiate Confrontation
Initiating confrontation here doesn’t mean you start off a fist fight with the colleague/colleagues who you believe has been the source of slandering rumors against you. Here, it only means that you will need to have a conversation with the perpetrator of the crime and confront him/her about the slanderous rumors. Remember not to initiate confrontation in front of the others, but in private. Take the colleague who you believe is at the root of the problem to a separate room, maybe even for coffee and explain how you feel. Find out why the rumors were built. Find out why your colleague has an issue with you. Make things clear, be frank about the way you feel, but at the same strive to polish your speech with diplomacy. Remember, sometimes it may just not be a colleague; the ‘perpetrator of the crime’ can very well be your boss. However, whether colleague or boss, confrontation always takes loads of guts, but you as the victim will have to roll up your sleeves and get yourself out of the slanderous mess.
Say No To Acquaintance
Once you have initiated conversation with your ‘erring colleagues’, it is important to steer clear of them. You do not want to be around people who have wronged you for no fault of yours. However, if the very same people have a change of heart and become less hostile towards you, you are allowed to go right on ahead and turn your foes into friends.
Report To The Authorities
If you have played, your cards well and still see no improvements in the situation at the workplace, go right on ahead, and report the issues to the concerned authorities. This should be your last straw to help correct the situation. When complaining against the slandering victims, ensure you have proof to back your claims. You don’t want to accuse another individual without proof. If at all you do get proved wrong, it will only make you look bad. If the slandering individual is the boss of your company or a group of senior officials, all you need to do is seek out the help of external organizations. At no point of time should you suffer in silence. Here, being meek and taking things lying down is simply not going to help.

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