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Courses In Event Management

Event Management is the new industry on the block. Some call it “The Sunrise” industry of the service sector. The word “Event” is not what it used to be. It is no longer limited to a party or a get-together. Any ‘happening’ – commercial or non-commercial – that involves people involvement in an un-orchestrated gathering is an event. Hence, from the promotional campaigns of Mercedes to the marriage of Chelsea Clinton, all are events and all have event managers. Today, the event management sector is much more professional and organized than it was a decade ago. Events include international celebrity appearances, fashion shows, book releases and film launches. However, it is not all that glamorous. Hard work, dedication and inhuman hours are part of the baggage, while huge incentives, extensive travelling and exposure are the rewards!

Event Management Courses

Course Details

Event management can be a bachelor’s degree/diploma, a master’s degree/diploma or even a certification course. Candidates interested in a bachelor’s diploma are required to pass the higher secondary or 10 + 2 course in any discipline. Similarly, for a post graduate diploma or masters in event management, a bachelor's degree in any stream is a must. However, certification courses are helpful to those people only who have about 3-4 years of prior experience in the field. These courses are not undertaken for learning per say, they are desirable to stay abreast with the latest happenings of the industry. 

Details Of Course Curriculum
As mentioned above, these courses maybe graduate or post graduate diplomas as well as certification courses. While certification courses would have more to do with the current comings and goings of the industry, the other two have a general outline. The following are the kind of courses that one can find in event management:

  • Diploma in Event Management - For undergraduate students
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management – For graduate students
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media & Event Management – For graduate students
  • Certificate Courses
The Curriculum For Diploma Courses Is As Follows:
  • Basic Event Accounting
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Modern Events (including computer applications in events)
  • Event Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Event Logistics (includes catering, event law, Research, Production etc.)
  • Event Planning
  • Event Production
  • Public Relations Communication
  • Event Design
  • Beverage Management
  • Information Technology for Event Management 
Although the field of event management is quite overlapping and one person has to do it all, there still are some broad specialisations that you can select in both graduate as well as post graduate courses.

Certificate courses are usually taken up to further your knowledge and diploma in the event management field of your choice.

Some Prevalent Specializations In Event Management Are:

  • Strategic Marketing Communicators
  • Dissertation
  • Advertising Process
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internet Marketing
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Media Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning & Execution 

Skills Required
The most important skill required for this course is people management simply because of the sheer quantum of human resources involved in any event. However small the event may be, it’s only the people involved which make it a hit and not the technology. An event manager needs a generous dash of leadership traits, public relationship skills, marketing and business acumen, budgeting skills, risk management skills, and an uncanny awareness about the media and its allied fields. For certificate courses, a prior experience of 3-4 years in the industry is desired and useful. A general knack of organizing and managing things on schedule coupled with stark punctuality serves as a boon. 

Career Prospects
An event manager who has the required soft skills and qualification is that jewel in the market that is ready to be lapped up by the emerging markets of the global economy. Some of the sectors where an event manager is required are production houses, hotels, tourism, BPOs (Business Processing Outsourcing), newspaper houses and the fashion industry. The industry also encompasses conference and banquet facilities for corporate within museums, stately homes and other venues etc. 

The fact that events are conducted on a daily basis by all sectors, for product launches, product promotions or employee engagement re-emphasises the fact that event management has takers everywhere – with MNCs being the major players.

Best Institutes

The Best Global Institutes Offering Event Management Courses Are:
  • Birmingham City University
  • Johnson & Wales University, Massachusetts
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • The Arts University College at Bournemouth (Formerly Arts Institute at Bournemouth)
  • University of Northampton
  • University of Sunderland
The Best Indian Institutes Offering Event Management Courses Are:
  • National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • National Academy of Event Management & Development (NAEMD), Mumbai

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