Employee etiquette is of utmost importance to prevent conflict and further peace and harmony at the workplace. Read the article below for tips on employee etiquette.

Employee Etiquette

Every workplace has a distinct culture of its own that gives it a unique identity. And much of that identity depends upon how the workers manage to uphold the aspirations of the organizations. Whatever be the atmosphere of the workplace, one aspect that is inherently vital for the success of the office is the manner in which the employees conduct themselves with their employers and co-workers. This constitutes the etiquettes of the employees, a loose set of guidelines, which are expected to be followed by the workers of the organization to maintain the productivity and harmony of the workplace. Needless to say, any etiquette cannot be forced upon anyone but it is extremely necessary to facilitate a positive environment. Any workplace that suffers from poor employee etiquette results in frequent conflicts and loss of productivity. That is why it is imperative that all the employees should conduct themselves properly. Proper employee etiquette will help in cultivating better relationship not only with the co-workers but also with the employers. It will also preserve the culture and identity of the workplace. To help employees adopt proper etiquettes at the workplace read below for few tips on how you can go about it.
Etiquette For Employees
  • Never be late to your work. If possible, go to your work before time.
  • To not go to work drunk or under the influence of drugs. You should also not go to work if you smell of alcohol.
  • Wearing iPod buds at work is a sign of ill manner.
  • You should always respect the organizations and clients confidentiality of information.
  • You should respect the goals and aspirations of the organization and give your level best in achieving them.
  • Whenever required you should provide your superior with the necessary information and also keep him or her well informed regarding your work.
  • Respect all the other employees and cooperate will them and your employer. Don’t intrude upon their privacy and respect their space and sentiments.
  • Don’t think that you are above all the others because of your position or profile. Any form of arrogance will be frowned upon and contribute towards your negative image.
  • Your dressing should be appropriate to the office culture. Only if the office allows then you can wear casuals otherwise stick to formals. Hide the body tattoos and piercings if possible. The main look should be clean, neat, and conservative.
  • Never be late for any meetings, big or small. You should also make a point not to miss any meetings as it is considered to be extremely rude. In such cases, even a good excuse is of little help in fostering a bad impression.
  • When someone is speaking, make a point not to interrupt the speaker even if you have something to say or contradict. Instead, wait for the speaker to finish or raise your hand to beg a permission to speak.
  • When in a meeting, take care not to dominate it. The chairperson of the meeting is the most important person and you should address all communication through that person. Also, unless the chairperson closes the meeting you should not leave it.
  • You should answer all calls to the office pleasantly no matter in what state of mood you are in. Also, it is imperative that you return all calls as soon as possible.
  • Never use the office phone or other communication tools for out of office works.
  • Concentrate your attention on the proceedings and lectures without showing signs of boredom. You should also stay quiet so that you do not disturb the others.
  • When you find yourself in the wrong, it is necessary for you to apologize. It is also better to apologize even if you are in doubt whether you are wrong or not. This will prevent any crisis from developing further. If somebody apologizes, you should accept it with compassion.
  • Don’t get personal in times of conflict.

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