Employee wellness management is becoming an integral part of most companies all around the world. This article provides you with an insight on the employee wellness program.

Employee Wellness Management

The President of Wellness Proposals, John Bates said that he had found most employers selecting individual components of employee wellness programs rather than taking time and developing a complete and comprehensive one. Now, it is known that several organizations are running losses due to the employees’ rising levels of stress. A statistic says that close to 75% of additional costs incurred by companies result from unhealthy and stressful lifestyles of the employees. Hence, having or creating a perfect well-being program can be considered both an art and a science. These programs need to be designed in such a way that significant deduction in cost of healthcare and productivity can be seen in the company. These programs are also known to improve absenteeism rates when implemented correctly and also cut down employee turnover to a good extent. Studies conducted show that good employee wellness management positively affects a company’s ROI (Return Of Investment). In this way, there are several other benefits of EWM (Employee Wellness Management). Read on to know more!
Employee Wellness Program
Spirituality In Workplace
Faith is one thing that keeps people going. It is seen that those who have no faith find it hard to cope with their difficulties. Bringing a sense of spirituality into the workplace renders happiness and enjoyment during the tough times such as increasing workloads and longer work hours. Spirituality helps us look within ourselves and find a deeper meaning to things around us. What companies can do to instill this spirit amongst the employees is to encourage spiritual practices in office – by way of workshops and voluntary programs – which indirectly build a support system. Having books relating to this in the office can also be helpful.
Safe Facilities/Ergonomics
What is ergonomics? It is the application of scientific information to design objects and for the betterment of the environment with regard to humans. But you might ask how it is applicable to a company. The answer lies in the fact that if all work stations are properly equipped with safe measures for relieving stress, it is ultimately beneficial to the employees. For example, if a machine that improves working posture can be installed, it reduces the risk of strain injury and other disorders. A massage chair can be a good option for people with acute back problems. Efficient use of handbooks, signs and displays make the workplace less error-prone.
Drug And Alcohol Testing
WDT (Workplace Drug Testing) is a controversial subject that has certain boundaries. It is a relatively new technique used by companies to maintain the welfare of the workers. Issues over this topic range from privacy to social responsibilities. Some might even question whether the test results really indicate substance abuse on the job or activities outside the workplace. When and if properly implemented, it leads to a reduction in attempts to misuse these substances. It is common knowledge how illicit drugs can affect lives and efficiency at work in the long run.
Nutrition And Fitness Booths
Eating and exercise are the two essential E’s of life! Setting up nutrition booths where information on healthy foods and cooking is imparted along with free samples of healthy snacks can go a long way in employees’ wellness. This is the most potent way of reducing the bad effects of binging and gorging on fried foods. Same way, a fitness kiosk can be organized where workouts like stretching and strengthening can be taught. The employees need something which can be done at their work stations. Eye, neck, back and legs are some of the most affected areas of the body – a gym with a trainer in the office premises is also a good way of going about it.
Violence Management
One of the most commonly seen issues that hamper the natural working atmosphere and the safety of employers and employees is anger. The employer usually faces aggression from the housekeeping or service providing staff. Employees run the risk of facing violence from anyone including their peers. To create a serene environment for ‘all work and no violence’, the company must be take charge and make written policies pertaining to the consequences of any kind of hostility. There must be transparency between the management and the workers and warning signs must be watched out for!
These are some ways to bring about a balanced employee wellness management system into the workplace. To focus on employee wellness instead of just considering it to be a fad is highly recommended for any growing organization.

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