A functional resume is a resume used to focus more on the strengths of an individual and less on work experience. Read your way through this article to discover a sample of a functional resume.

Functional Resume Format

A functional resume throws more light on the skills and experience of an individual and less on the individual’s chronological work history. It underlines your pros and downplays your cons. For example if you want to give less importance to your experience which might not be relevant to the field you have applied to and more to showcasing your talents, achievements and skills, the best way is do is by opting for a functional resume. This is exactly why it’s called a functional resume because the resume helps in shifting the attention to a person’s functional capabilities and away from the other aspects of the resume. A functional resume is typically used by people who do not have too many years of experience or people who have had gaps in their employment history. This type of resume is also employed by people with wrong kind of work experience or people who have changed their careers midway. Make your move and read on to gain access to tips on putting together a functional resume and a sample functional resume.
Functional Resume Sample
  • Focus less on your experience and more on your talents.
  • Identify your objective and ensure the same echoes throughout the same.
  • When elaborating on your talents, make it a point not to bluff because at the end of the day when you are called for the interview, your claims should match who you are.
  • Check to see if you’re sounding repetitive. Get rid of a sentence or two if you think you are sounding redundant.
  • Do not use more than three fonts
  • Use crisp and professional language.
  • Abstain from employing long sentences and unfamiliar words.
  • Market yourself to your advantage. 
Resume Sample 
Allan P. Prashanth
No. 10, Pearl Street, Richards Town, Hyderabad – 198 098
Mobile: 98001 87962
To be recruited into an organization where my talents, expertise, education and experience will be used to both the advantage of the company and mine. To be given the opportunity to grow along with the organization while contributing substantially along the way.


About Me
A dedicated and passionate individual with a burning desire for giving the task on hand my best. A knack for meeting deadlines. Result-oriented professional with a proven track record of churning out quality articles and contributing to the layout of the same. An impeccable editor with a sharp eye for detail. Valuable experience in internet marketing that has only helped me understand the world of online businesses that much more. Creative consultant for few of the country’s top online businesses.
Distinguished by my strong leadership skills and the tendency to perform equally well in a team and all by myself. Strong communication skills. A convincer. An eye for detail. Dedicated, strong-willed, focused yet flexible and hard working. A possessor of first-hand information on the nuances of all things associated with the art of writing and editing.
Work Experience


– Elle Magazine – (1999 – 2000)
Key Tasks – Carried out research on topics handed over by the editor and churned out a minimum of two articles per day. Proofread articles of fellow writers.
Content Writer/Editor – Cosmopolitan – (2000 – 2005)
Key Tasks - Wrote articles on varied topics that ranged from fashion trends to lifestyle issues. Covered top fashion events. Mentored a team of 10 writers and churned out quality on a consistent basis.
Assistant Managing Editor – Elle Magazine – (2005 – Present)
Key Tasks – Supervised and managed a team comprising 18 writers. Edited. Covered high-profile fashion events and even wrote on lifestyle issues.

M.A. English – St. Stephens College, Delhi


Junior Content Writer

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