Don't pucker your eyebrows over your resignation letter. Read on for a professional resignation letter format and learn how to write a resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Format

Resignation – a sweet distress! Your separation from your company can be a long-awaited relief from that gruesome boss or an emotional adieu to a saintly mentor. Whatever be the case, you have to put in your papers – literally. You cannot just have a word with your senior and say bye-bye. You have to write a formal resignation letter to announce your separation formally and start the process of full & final settlement. Writing this letter can prove to be very tricky if there are emotions involved. While anger may make you write vile things, attachment may make you get overly sentimental. Both cases, you must know, are equally bad. You don’t want your settlement dues delayed either out of vengeance or friendly casualness. So you need to balance your words to make your letter professional and cordial at the same time. Resignation doesn’t necessarily have to burn bridges with the ex-employer. The ties can be professionally maintained.
Format Of Resignation
Resigning Efficiently
Type Your Letter
Always type your resignation letter in the official font and formatting. Hand written letters neither have the professionalism nor the finish to make for good resignation letters.
Refrain from using any jargon in the letter. Keep your letter simple and positive. Making it verbose or too long is not considered professional. The bosses probably already know that you are leaving and the letter is just a formality. So, it better be formal.
Maintain Records
Always keep a copy of your letter with you as proof of the date of resignation. You can have an acknowledged copy of the letter or just a soft copy to keep a tab of the date.
Mention All Details
Always remember to mention all the relevant details in the letter. Some details you mustn’t miss in the letter are:
  • Date of resignation. You must date your letter to formalize the date of submitting the resignation while mentioning the date from which the resignation will be effective.
  • Clearly mention the designation from which you are resigning and the benefits that arise out of this position.
  • Make sure you mention the last working day also in the letter to avoid any confusions and miscalculations. Such confusions usually affect the settlement cycle and delay your due clearance.
  • Address it correctly to the relevant person by mentioning his/her correct title along with the full name.
  • Sign the hard copy to make it official. Also, mail a copy across to maintain a soft record of your resignation.
Formatting Your Resignation
Be Specific
Do not beat around the bush. Your employer is not running short of things to do and is in all probability not looking forward to your resignation letter to pass his time. Make it crisp.
  • First Paragraph of your letter should say that you are resigning and state the relevant dates.
  • Middle Paragraph is where you say something nice about your employer. Here you thank him/her for all the opportunities you have had and appreciate the organisation and your overall experience there. Here you may highlight your accomplishments and pleasant experiences in a nutshell without sounding boastful.
  • Final Paragraph is where you conclude your letter by wishing the organisation luck for all future endeavors. You can also offer assistance with the transition that follows your resignation if you feel a need to.
[Recipient’s Designation]
[Recipient's name]
[Company name]
Dear [Recipient's name]:
Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation as [Your Designation] from [Company name], effective from [Date]. Kindly note that my last working day shall be [date]
The associations I've made during my employment here will truly be memorable for years to come. I joined as a fresher and grew with the company getting titles like “Employee of the Month” thrice and “Employee of the Year” twice during my stint with the organisation. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work and perform with your esteemed organisation.
I wish you luck for all the future endeavors and hope that our association goes beyond the walls of this office. If I can help to train my replacement or tie up any loose ends, please let me know.
[Sign here]
[Your name]
[Your Designation]

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