You made it through the interview, now it's time to reply with an acceptance letter for the new job. Learn about the basic tips to frame an appealing job acceptance letter.

Acceptance Letter For A New Job

Congratulations! You have been offered a job and you have reached the point when you need to acknowledge the offer. The most appropriate way of doing this is to drop a letter of acceptance in reply. You might have agreed to the job offer by a simple phone call after the interview but, it is better to draft a memo to reinforce your attitude and ethics. It is part of professional courtesy as well. There are some basic things to be kept in mind while composing the letter of acceptance. Firstly, since the letter implies that you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the organization, you must learn about them. Secondly, as you are responding to a job offer through this letter, it must ideally be done within 24 hours of reception. A delayed response is considered as an unprofessional gesture. However, you need not waste your time and effort to send a letter if the employer has already provided you with an employment contract. As mentioned earlier, a letter of acceptance is a formal acceptance and so is a contract so no letter is required in case of a contract. Tips to construct a simple yet appealing letter of acceptance are listed below. Browse down to learn more!
Job Acceptance Letter
  • Always start your letter with a note of thanks to the person who offered you the position.
  • Make a clear and direct statement about your acceptance of the offer. (I am so glad to accept the post of…..”).
  • Mention a note on the terms and conditions of your employment (according to your prior discussions).
  • State that you agree to the terms and conditions of the organization.
  • Cite the notice period to be served in the previous organization (if any).
  • Remember, never to attempt showcasing your personal qualities and skills in the letter of acceptance as you do in follow up letters.
  • You must include your contact details in this letter even if you have provided it earlier.
  • Cross check and make sure that the letter is error-free because typos and grammatical errors must never find their way to official communications.
  • Always blow your horn – but be original!
  • Use positive statements in your letter such as “I am so pleased to accept the position of…….” Try not to bring in any negativity like “I don’t know why I didn’t resign from the previous company earlier…” etc.
  • Always remember to include the job title in your letter of acceptance. (I am accepting the position of Business Analyst ……..)
  • Use this opportunity to convey your appreciation and enthusiasm.
  • Conclude by thanking the concerned person once again for the opportunity.
Sample Acceptance Letter
11th March 2011
Mr. John Kenneth
Director of Human Resources,
XYZ Group,
CA – 5228
Dear Mr. Kenneth,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for offering me the position of Finance Analyst in your organization. I am very glad to accept this position as it suits my career aspirations and ambitions. The terms and conditions of your organization have been duly explained to me and I am accepting it after a conscious and careful consideration.

As per our discussions, my starting salary is fixed as $80,000 per annum while other benefits including insurance policies would commence after I complete 60 days of employment with your organisation. I will join your firm on the 1st of April as I have to serve a notice period of 15 days in my current work place. Please let me know the date for a pre-employment medical checkup.
I have already furnished all the documents as per your demands. In case of any issues, you can contact me on the provided phone number or drop an email.

Thank you once again for having faith in me. 

Michelle Ruth.
Contact Number
Responding to a job offer is definitely not a hard nut to crack. But, there are chances of errors which are not so desirable while drafting something as professional as a letter of acceptance. The above mentioned tips and sample will definitely bring in reverence and appreciation.

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