Wondering how you can appreciate the support of the interested employers at the career fair you visited? Scroll down and learn how to write a thank you note after career fair.

How To Write A Thank You Note After Career Fair

You visited a career fair with a plan to seek out the best opportunities in the job market and the day went by just as you had pictured it – now, what next? You went there as a prospective candidate looking for opportunities of network-building with employers of different companies. If your efforts proved fruitful and the employers were helpful enough to clarify your queries and show you a spark of hope, it is basic etiquette to thank them for their time. And how can you thank these people once you are out of the venue? Simple, you have their card and their mail-id would be there. Just write a letter or a thank you note, thanking the person you spoke to for his/her support. A thank you note can make you stand out of the crowd and also shows that you appreciate the opportunities given to you and also that you are serious about your interest in the firm. The letter also provides you an opportunity to clarify all your doubts or misunderstandings and also helps you market yourself more efficiently. Surf through the lines that follow to get tips for writing a thank you note after a career fair.
Writing A Thank You Note After Career Fair
Make Sure It's Appropriate
Make sure that your thank you letter is sent to the right person and that the matter is appropriate and relevant to the occasion. Your letter should be specific and should come straight to the message you wish to put across.
Write It Promptly
There is no point in sending a thank-you letter several weeks after the career fair. It is advisable to send a thank you note as soon as possible after the event. A letter or note written with fresh memories of the event can help you reinforce your memory on the employers’ minds.
Remind The Recipient
Make it a point to remind the letter’s recipient of the purpose of the letter in the introductory sentences itself. This can clear the confusion in mind of the recipient, if any, with respect to the purpose of the letter. Do mention some specific points to make it easy for the employer to recall meeting you at the fair.
Make It Short And Direct
Do not make the thank you note too lengthy. Avoid going into the details of your meeting at the fest. Get straight to the point by thanking the concerned person for the knowledge provided to you. Thank you notes should be precise, sincere and exact to the point.
Make It Personal
A thank you note is a genuine and personal gesture that you show towards the person you benefitted from. Your letter, even when written under a formal format, should convey this sentiment sincerely. Maintain the line between getting too sloppy and being too curt.
Always Address A Person
Your thank you note should always be addressed to an individual and not an organisation or company, even when there was a group or organisation involved. Try and get the name of the senior most person of the organisation you met or just address your letter to the head of the organisation – you can always ask the addressee to pass on your regards to the people you met in the fest.
Check Spelling And Grammar
It is important to concentrate on the spellings and grammar of the letter. Even though it is a simple thank you note, you are directing it to a professional and any spelling or grammatical errors can make you look careless and disrespectful. It is a sincere statement that you are making through a thank you note and any such mistake can pose a direct question on your sincerity.
You wish to thank the few employers who came forward to help you with your initiative to learn about their company and the opportunities available there. The above mentioned tips can guide you well in this noble exercise.

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