Setting goals is easy but what is difficult is achieving them, for it requires hard work and intense desire to achieve a goal. Read the following article to learn the basic knowledge of achieving goals.

Achieving Goals

We all make goals, but how many of us really achieve them? Probably only a handful; this is because the secret of achieving goals is not known to all. Yeah! You read it right. The knowledge of achieving goals is a secret and a very few know about it. However, before we go further and dig out this secret, let’s know a little about what goals actually are. Goals are not a list of things that God has sent us that needs to be done, neither are they tasks directed by our parents or teachers. Goals are, in fact, our innate desires that we envision to achieve. Goals can be both small and big, such as completing all the procrastinated tasks by the weekend to buying a house in the next three years. Now are you wondering that if goals are something that we want or like to have, then why can’t we achieve them? Well, while we are too excited at the commencement of the task, problem arises when the level of enthusiasm drops down as this further lowers the desire for achieving the goal. Lack of discipline is another significant reason for the failure in achieving the goals. Remember, while it is easy to set a goal, achieving the same is difficult as in the process, obstacles and difficulties are sure to come in the way. Read on to know how to tackle all the problems and realize the set goals.
Achieving Goals
Pick One Goal At A Time
This is very important! The general problem with the masses is that they set so many targets that achieving them becomes a problem. For instance, a person wants to buy a car and simultaneously, he enquires about a new flat. Multiple goals create a problem as the person is not able to concentrate on any particular goal. As such, it is imperative to have one major goal at a time. This would make realizing the same easier as all the energy and focus would be directed at it.
Write It Down
Have you ever heard of the phrase “out of sight is out of mind”? This is the nature of human brain. Until we don’t see something on daily basis; our brain tends to forget it. As such, to not let the goal go out of mind, you need to keep it in sight and that can only be done if you write down your goal. Write the goal on a sheet of paper and stick it at a place you spent most part of the day. This would be your office, kitchen, playroom or anywhere else. Every time you are at the place, your eyes would be forced to read the goal and the same would be imprinted on your mind.
Remember the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. Simplifying things is crucial for attaining them. You need to break large goals in simple, easy tasks that you can easily complete. This would not only make the task a whole lot easier, but also achievable. Also, accomplishing small success would keep you motivated and help you move forward to realize the bigger goals. Also, simplifying tasks further prevents you from getting bored.
Track Your Progress
What is the use of setting a target if you take no efforts to track the progress? For, if you do not track the progress made, you would never know how far or near are you from realizing the dream/goal. As such, it is very important to track down your performance on daily basis. Tracking down the daily progress not only reminds us of our goals, but it also informs us if there is any deviation from the goals.
In today’s world, we are surrounded by hundreds of distractions all the time and intentionally or unintentionally, we are driven towards them. While some times distractions are good as they help calming us down, most of the times, they deter us from our set targets. Though you cannot run away from distraction, what you can do is prioritize your goals. When you prioritize your goals, you would know what is important and needs to done right now and what can wait.
Learn To Say No
Learn to say “no” to everything that wastes your time or distracts you from your goals. Distractions can be anything: your friends, your habits, social parties and even unexpected arrangements. But you should be careful enough not to hurt anyone. Your refusal should be kind and gentle, it should show your inability, not your arrogance. This way, you would save a lot of important time, without being rude or unpleasant to anyone.
Be Positive
Remember, it is your attitude that would make all the difference. Enroute to achieving a goal, you would encounter several problems and obstacles, but the deal is to not get bowed down by them; instead, to face every challenge and find a way to move ahead and realize the dream. Having a positive attitude would help to look at the brighter side of problems and come out of them. Also, positive attitude coupled with unflinching effort is just the right combination for achieving the goals.
Now that you know the secret to achieve goals, use it to achieve happiness and success in life. Remember, you'll never achieve your dreams if they don't become goals.

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