Public speaking skills are a great way to improve your oral performance and verbal skills. Leaf through this write-up to find out some public speaking exercises and fight back your fear.

Public Speaking Exercises

Are you afraid of speaking in public? Does it scare you to death? Do you wish to opt for a nest of poisonous vipers rather than facing the public? Well, this situation is not uncommon. Nearly all people feel the same and retire to their cocoons when asked to speak in public. But then, the only answer and solution to your queries is to first understand public speaking and conquer your fear of speaking in public. For, only when to know what public speaking is, what are its demands and how important it is for communication can you be able to bid adieu to the fear. Furthermore, you need to master the art of confidence and control in you, to deliver your speech more effectively and with increased poise. This can be best done through some easy public speaking exercises that are aimed at brushing up your public speaking skills and abilities. Not just once or twice, these exercises must be practiced again and again to attain that level of perfection while delivering the speech. Listed here are easy exercises for perfecting your public speaking skills.
Public Speaking Exercises
Record Your Speech
Do you know what was common in all great public speakers, like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Adolf Hitler? Their habit of recording their speeches and noting down the changes required to be made. They even looked for mistakes and ways to improve their speech. Hence, to become an effective speaker and influence your audience, it is best to tape your speech and review your recorded rehearsal. You’ll find what changes are required and how it can be made more motivating. For a better evaluation, you can ask your friend or colleague to hear your speech and evaluate the same. This way, you will not only overcome your public speaking fears, but also come out as an effective and influential speaker.
Vocal Tone
The vocal tone that others hear when you speak depends upon two factors - your vocal chords and your body cavities. Did the body cavities strike your mind? Even though your voice originates from your vocal chords, but it resonates through your chest, throat, and head before it pops out from your mouth. As such, people suffering from a bad cold and plugged sinus often sound funny. So, to speak out clearly and have a better vocal tone, it is important to open up your chest, throat, and head cavities. For this, start humming at a comfortable pitch. Slowly move the pitch lower, paying attention to your chest sensations. Continue humming until you can feel the vibrations in your chest. Return to normal and move your pitch higher, with attention to your head sensations now. Relax. Open your mouth and hum till you feel the vibration in your tongue and lips, behind and above your mouth. Relax and return to your chest again. Repeat the entire exercise once more, ending on your chest for a full and conscious sound. Make sure that you take frequent breaths in between. Stop if you get lightheaded.
Nonsense Speech
Intonation plays a major role in improving your public speaking skills by keeping your audience engaged and reducing the steady drone, which most you often end up while speaking for longer durations. You do not have to write or memorize a formalized speech. A nonsense speech will prove to be more effective in this exercise. However, if you are unable to come up with a nonsense speech, you can pick up poems with nonsensical words and illogical verses, like “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll, “The Faulty Bagnose” by John Lennon, and “The Jumblies” by Edward Lear. Read the poem or give your nonsense speech and figure out what intonation you should give.
Well, that seems to be an understatement, especially with public speaking. But giving yourself enough time to relax actually helps in delivering speeches successfully in public. Choose a quiet place where you can focus and concentrate for few minutes. Loosen your fingertips and allow the muscles to relax. Let them lose out the tension, gradually shifting from the fingertips up to the hand. Continue doing this until your entire body gets rid of the tension and nervousness before approaching for a public speech.
These are some simple and useful public speaking exercises which can help you become a charismatic and inspiring speaker. Move out and transform yourself from an ordinary speaker into an extraordinary and appealing spokesperson.

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