There's no need to feel all down and out, for these self confidence exercises are here to put you in a confident state. Go through this article to know more about it.

Self Confidence Exercises

The clichéd “if you don’t have faith in your abilities, how do you expect others to believe in them” is bang on and summarizes whole of the problematic saga of self confidence into one single statement. Nobody is perfect, and trying to be perfect is what surmounts the expectations to a level towards which gravity doesn’t allow anyone to leap. Be human! Recognize the fact that everyone has his/her own set of flaws, but appreciate the fact that everyone also possesses a set of qualities that allows them to keep moving ahead without any baggage. You know it’s all in there, itching to get out, but your fear is blocking it. Let go of it and embrace yourself as a capable and qualified individual. Go through rest of the part on confidence building exercises, make use of them, and come out all shining and confident.
Self Confidence Exercises
Project Positivity
One major hindrance that restricts us from instilling confidence in ourselves is the fear of the unknown; what may or may not happen in future. Sometimes this uncertainty makes us focus on negative outcomes. And the best way to overcome this is by consistently imagining ourselves in positive outcomes. Try to picture the best of result, the one you’ve always dreamed of. Create the situation in your mind that you fear and play out the proceedings in your favor. This way, when you actually go through the situation, you’ll feel yourself acclimatized to the scenario and will feel more confident about it. It will require some practice but molding yourself into this mind frame will lay the foundation stone of self belief into you.
Journal of Accomplishments
Thinking about all the wrongs you may have done while ignoring even the major of accomplishments is a sure shot way of losing the appetite for success. Just don’t do it! But if you must think, think about what all you have achieved in all these years. Maintain a journal and jot down, from every little to every major success you’ve had, right from your school days till now. Do this to remind yourself about the things you do well and that you are a productive and a competent individual. Start the day on a positive note by quickly going through the journal every morning and read it intently every time you feel the need to boost yourself up.
Good Old Meditation
Taking up meditation and following it as daily routine will relieve you of all the stressful nervous energy and will replace it with the positive one. It’ll help you shift your focus to the better things. Either take 10-20 minutes of time off each day to practice yoga or for indulging in meditation or for praying and reading the scripture. While meditating, feel the healing flowing through your senses. Also, try to visualize yourself going through different situations with confidence and you’ll feel the same building up inside you. Sitting quietly for the some time with light music or instrumental playing in the background is another way of getting in touch with your own self.
Positive Thinking Affirmations
Positive thinking affirmations will help you eliminate whatever negativity is left inside. Positive affirmations are short statements designed or written by you, phrasing which will get you in the same state of mind that is represented by the affirmation. What’s more, affirmations can cater to every category there is and depending on what situation you find yourself in, you can pick up an affirmation and recite it until you make yourself believe the very same thing. For example – if you have a presentation to give and are feeling nervous about it, saying “I am a capable and competent individual” will help you face the situation in the same way. It’ll not happen at first instance, but through remembering the affirmations and using them in the time of need will make you use them in the best way.
Laughter Yoga
How about laughing for a change? Yes, laughing free spiritedly and whole heartedly is the best way to let go of all the built up energy, feel empty and then fill that emptiness with whatever good you can think of. And here we suggest that you partake in meditation cum fun activity called laughter yoga. Laughter yoga is one fun way that combines the art of yogic breathing with sidesplitting laughter. And since it a group activity, bonding up with other individuals in unrestrained laughter will rob you off all your inhibitions and will infuse the much needed confidence in you.
Build Up Knowledge
Increasing in on your knowledge and skills will do a world of good to your confidence levels. Don’t just limit yourself to the knowledge of what you do, rather take advantage of the World Wide Web and Google to learn as much you can about the things that interest you and don’t interest you. Keep a close eye and ear to the recent happenings. Doing as much will give your confidence a much needed boost as you’ll feel comfortable in talking almost about anything with the people at work or otherwise.
Self confidence exercises can only get you this far, but if you dress smartly, walk upright with the chin up and have a smile on your face; it’ll help you feel all the more confident!

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