Whenever we meet someone new, be it friend, love or the new boss, we try to impress him/her. Read the following article to know various ways of impressing people.

Impressing People

Leaving a job is quite easy, getting it is tough and keeping it is tougher. Almost all of us try our best to get an appropriate job, but very seldom land up in the right job. Usually we end up doing something that we don’t want to. It normally takes a little more time to get the ideal job of our choice. But the story doesn't end at getting the right job; it, in fact, marks the beginning. With the job, comes the responsibility to perform well and to impress the boss with the work. Apart from your boss, you also need to impress your colleagues and managing department. Impressing people, however, is relatively tough; a step wrong is enough to endanger your image and can even cause the chances of you getting fired. Also, there will be people who are jealous of you and waiting for the right time to throw dirt on you. Nonetheless, if taken care of some basic things, you can learn the art of impressing people. There are certain methods that you can use in this context. Apart from impressing your employer, you can also use these methods for impressing other people around you. Here are listed some simple ways that will help you in impressing people.
Impressing People
Care About People
In order to impress people, it is important that you care about them. Remember that if you are careless about them, people would come to know of it. They will spot your insincerity from your actions and once you are labeled insincere, your image would be sealed. No matter how hard you try to act good to others, they will always consider you with hidden motives. Any act of you will be considered as an action to get advantage or as a way to reach the top spot.
Be Honest
Remember trust of others is hard to get and very easy to lose. Avoid lying at all costs because one day or the other, the truth would stare at your face blatantly and you would be able to do nothing about it. If you have promised someone with a favor but failed to meet your commitment, then don’t make excuses to cover it up. Apologize for your mistake and ask what you can do to make it right. In this way, you’ll be respected for sincere apology. In case you do not apologize or make amendments, you will be taken as someone who is not much than a blabber.
Speak Your Mind
If you are an honest person, you will face no problem in speaking your mind whenever the situation demands. Your honesty will force people to consider that when you do speak, you mean what you say. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while speaking your mind. Be aware of the situation when you are giving your opinion. People especially bosses don’t like being called out in front of their peers, so it is advisable to speak to them in private. Also be sensitive to the feelings of the person you’re talking to, particularly if it’s a high-level leader.
Be Respectful
Saying the truth and speaking your mind in no ways gives you the authority to be disrespectful. Remember, in any sort of circumstances and situations, you cannot afford to be discourteous or impolite. Learn to give respect to everyone around you, be it your boss, your spouse or your friend. In case of giving respect to your boss, try not to give too much deference. Too much flattery will made him think of you as a bootlicker.
Ask for Help
In times when you are not sure of what you are doing, don’t pretend like you do. It is better to accept your ignorance and ask for help from someone who knows the task or is ready to help. In this way you will learn something new. Also, asking makes someone else feel important. The interaction between you and the person will make him/her feel good about his/her knowledge and generosity at the same time. Additionally, this small interaction will pave the way for friendship between the two of you and earn you the respect.
Work Hard to Help Others
Working hard for your own benefit impresses everyone but when you work hard solely to help other people, the respect you earn multiplies manifold times. If you frequently help people in achieving their goals, you will be considered as a great worker who cares about others. Helping others could be very helpful for your own attitude and personal satisfaction. Apart from that, you will have everyone in the company wanting to work with you.
Get Organized
Imagine working by the tick of the clock—you would never be late for a meeting, would have time to go through all the minutes of the conference, will complete all the work before deadline and would have no stress at all. This isn't an idealistic situation; in fact, with a little bit of effort, patience and perseverance, you can organize your life in a way that you have time for everything. Being organized would not only help in improving your productivity but will also give you time to think about others. Choose a good system to help you process everything and have everything organized.
Personal Agenda
Know your strengths and weakness. Be the person who you truly are. Emphasize on your strengths and try to mitigate the effects of your weaknesses. The point is to be genuine and authentic in your effort. Find something unique that you can use to add personal touch. In this way, you would be making yourself different in the view of other people and they will be greatly impressed.
Hope these simple tips will help you in impressing important people in your life. Remember the best way to impress others is to be what you are.

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