By being a little more creative, you can make the most of your potential and aim for the sky. Leaf through this write-up and discover tips on how to be creative.

Being Creative

Besides money, creativity is increasingly becoming the next currency, in the business and design world. An Creativity is born within an individual and cannot be taught or learnt. Call it scientific discovery, technological invention, artistic imagination, social innovation, photography, or even marketing management, creativity is found in every area of human activity. While non-creative work can be outsourced, it is only creative people who have no fears of being replaced or outdated. No matter what people think about creativity being inherited by birth or not, with some simple and logical ways, you can definitely become creative, or at least enhance your creative skills. With some methods, you can boost your natural abilities of showcasing your creativity. Check them out!
Being Creative
Do Different
Unlike the schedule or routine you follow during a day at work, shift to a different route and do something that you usually do not do. Take this: tell your boss that you genuinely think highly about him/her; have your lunch at a restaurant you typically wouldn’t consider eating at; or prepare the report for your superiors using crayons. Give your mind some time to open up and gather new experiences, new risks, and new challenges. However, at the same time, be prepared to accept the results, no matter what they are. But, they sure would be positive! And if you can discover anything new from them, share them with your boss, as you never know when they can be useful for business.
Seek New Ideas
When you require creativity badly and are unable to think of any, the best and the only thing you can do is seek a co-worker and inquire about their views on the same. It is normal to interact with co-workers and clients in any workplace; hence, do not leave any opportunity to suck them up for their ideas. Even if you aren’t able to utilize their ideas, you might just end up learning something new or visualizing a particular aspect from a different prospective, which you hadn’t previously.
Take A Break
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A proper proverb that is commonly applied in organizations fits perfectly into the character of any employee. Working continuously for prolonged periods and not taking a break is bad, not only for your health, but also for your productivity. Seek permission from your boss and assign some minutes for playing an online game every day. Try for a week and see if your creativity and innovation levels improve or not. However, if your boss declines your request, challenge him to your favorite game and ask him to permit you to a game every day, if you win.
Stand Up & Work
Giving yourself short breaks from your couch will not only increase blood circulation in your body, but it will also make you feel more productive. Sitting in a relaxed position in your cozy couch will only make you a lazy worker. Thus, stand up and let your creative juices flow. 
Set A Different Angle
Consider these questions. What would you do if you were a pencil or a tree? What if you were a bird? Approach the same problem with a different angle and different prospective. This will help you view the situation with a new light and new eye. And you might end up solving it or coming up with something entirely new and unique, to add to your creativity and innovation.
Outside Influences
For finding ideas and inspiration, you usually look upon different sources. But if you give outside influences a try that are completely unrelated to your work, you are bound to get something different from what you generally land up getting. Say, for instance, if you browse other websites for blog post formats and ideas, try surfing through magazines or for a more radical approach, you can experiment with adapting a television formula into a blog post. Sounds strange and weird, but it sure would be something different from the normal format. Similarly, you can look upon outside sources for an interesting jolt to your innovation.
Leave Early
Overburdening your brain with too much of work can result in exhaustion and tiredness, especially if you are doing the same work over and over again. Give your brain some relief from work and leave work few minutes early. Wondering how this will contribute to your creativity at work? When you have decided to leave work early, you are, in a way, trying to convince your mind on thinking about different things, not related to work, but it is likely that you will end up thinking about work only, since work has still engrossed your mind for those few minutes, you left early. It is during that break that your mind may think differently and help you towards being a little creative. Give it a try!
These are just a few of the many ways of opening up to an artful and creative life. Incorporate them into your daily schedule and you may have an exceptionally stupendous masterpiece!

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