Want to look attractive, drop dead gorgeous, and attract lots of attention? Check out these simple guidelines that will help you grab all the eyeballs and turn heads.

Being Attractive

Who comes to your mind when you first think of someone who is attractive? A suave and charming Hollywood actress or a handsome hunk from a fashion magazine! People from television and films are meant to be attractive; it’s their source of earning. Think about someone from your real life who is actually attractive? Here, attractiveness does not simply mean physical attraction or charismatic body, but the entire package that a person comes up with. Say, a person who draws you closer, one whom you love to listen to, one whom you love laughing with, and one who is beautiful in appearance. Can you think of any such individual? Probably, just a handful! But amongst them, how many are visually attractive and good to look at? Surely, there would be some whom you do not even like approaching, but still find them attractive. This is exactly what you call being truly attractive. They are attractive for their confidence, for their zest for life, and for their “I don’t give a shit what they think ‘bout me” attitude. Does that raise an alarm in your mind about displaying the same attitude in public, but have no clue about how to go ahead? With some hidden secrets, you can look better, stay young, be happy, and look attractive.
Being Attractive
Practice Good Hygiene
Unless you look and feel clean, you cannot expect yourself to look attractive. Since cleanliness is primary to being attractive, maintaining proper hygiene is a must. This means, you need to bath twice daily, forget not bathing at all. And use of a good-scented soap and a bathing sponge all the while is absolutely necessary. Pat yourself dry and rub in some rich, aromatic lotion. Do not forget to cuddle your elbows, hands, and feet, since you have to be soft all the while.
Good Dental Health
This includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. After brushing your teeth, follow up with a tongue cleaner or spoon to breathe out fresh air. Go for a regular checkup and get your teeth cleaned. Look for a good toothbrush, toothpaste, water pick, and mouthwash. Keep some mints candies or mouth spray on hand, as you never know when you may need them.
Be Healthy
Staying healthy adds to your confidence, improves your mental health, and makes you more energetic. In short, your health reveals through your eyes; hence, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight, follow a proper diet, exercise well, and get good sound sleep. To reveal attractiveness and portray a good personality, create a workout plan and get in-shape. You can opt for crunches, lunges, squats, running, and jogging.
Healthy & Styled Hair
Commonly quoted as the ‘portrait of the face’, hair should look great for a person to look hygienic and civilized. While soft, supple, and well-maintained hair looks great; greasy or damaged hair can demean your personality. Use a comb to brush your hair every day. Visit the salon once a month to groom your hair and get a haircut that suits your facial shape.
Present A Style
Whatever you wear, make sure that you look your best and do not end up landing in the list of fashion disasters. Even if you are sporting sweat pants, apply some lip gloss and wear gold hoop earrings or a bracelet. For parties and occasions, you can very well choose to look sexy and sultry with funky strappy high-heeled sandals, a flowy blouse and skinny jeans. Just because you spotted Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta Jones wearing that LBD, do not instantly go and shop a similar one from your neighboring market. Explore options and see what suits your figure the best and what you can carry with oomph and confidence.
Be Nice
Being nice and pleasing can turn you into a prettier person in the eyes of everyone, as against a rude person who can only end up being ugly in the eyes of everyone with whom he/she interacts. Be gentle and loving with every person you come across. Never let any rude attitude cross your way and be prepared to defend them right away. For the etiquettes of being attractive, do not allow people walking over your nice and polite nature.
Smile - It Costs Nothing!
You won’t be charged with a price if you exhibit a smiling face every time you walk around your surroundings. Moving around with a frown or a neutral expression on your face will warn your onlookers to restrict themselves from approaching you. A little smile will make you more attractive; that’s exactly what you wanted, right! You should be readable, but not predictable. As such, do not display a poker face when it comes to emotions; let them flow.
Love Yourself
You may start looking pretty and stylish, but still unattractive, unless you start loving yourself. In the outer world, particularly on the professional front, one is least bothered about the quality and texture of your hair, or how broad your waist is. So, bury these little worries in the graveyard of your heart and show poise and confidence on your outer self. Confidence is one of the most significant traits of being attractive. Therefore, the earlier you learn to love and admire yourself, the sooner you will become attractive to yourself and others, as well.
All the above listed tips are sure to work wonders on your attractiveness and boost in lots of confidence in you. Build a personality and make a positive impression!

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