Being introvert today serves no good as even the mousy of all are shelling out their coyness and socializing. With this article, get tips and become more social than you already are.

Becoming More Social

"No man is an island, entire of itself." - John Donne
In this era of communication revolution, one can not remain untouched of socializing for long. Everyone socializes, though for different reasons. Some socialize for networking with people who can help them in career or business, while a few others socialize to move up the social and professional hierarchy. There are many others who socialize just for having a big circle of people around, which gives them a smug feeling. Whatever the reason be but the crux of the argument is that to survive and carry on with a healthy lifestyle, we have to mingle along with the people, be it at work, home or school/college. One who knows how to socialize can find a way through any situation. In the professional field, this attribute becomes all the more important, as the corporate scenario has changed drastically in the past few years. Unlike the past when dictatorship was predominant, today, managers and high ranking officials are supposed to socialize with their subordinates to get work done with ease and efficiency. Socializing is also a healthy activity, as it helps in reducing stress and is revitalizing. Whenever at a new place, you should try to approach people as this would not only help in socializing, but it will also help make contacts, which might be of help in future. If you are introvert, shed your inhibitions and get started. For those who are social but want to get more social, know that 'well begun is half done'. You need to learn techniques to better yourself. Listed below are tips for becoming more social.
Becoming More Social
  • Whenever in a situation when you are supposed to make a conversation, try to make eye contact even before talking to a person, as this would show a sign of confidence and help in building a rapport.
  • If you are in a social gathering and not able to strike a conversation with anyone, don't frown or look uneasy. Instead, just smile at people and if you want your smile to seem genuine, think of a funny moment which had made you smile in the past. Thinking of the same will make you smile again and that is sure to show in your eyes.
  • To start a conversation, try asking the other person about himself/herself. People usually love talking about their own self and this is sure to help you strike a conversation. And when both of you are comfortable try to draw out a topic of common interest and continue talking.
  • To break the ice, share a laugh. Humor always comes in handy as it makes people come out of their comfort zone. While talking to someone, share a joke or a funny instance and elicit those friendly giggles and gurgles. Laughter makes it easy to strike a conversation. Also, when people will think that you are funny, they eventually enjoy your company. However, never try being funny at someone else's expense as you will lose friends.
  • Making contact is one thing and maintaining them is another. While it is easy to add people in your contact list, make sure that you not only add them but also keep in touch with them. Walk an extra mile to make someone know that you were thinking of him/her. Drop in a message or call them to make them feel that they hold a special place in your life.  
  • Try to take some time out of your schedule to attend social gatherings as these help in expanding your social horizons. Try never to turn down any party invitation, as it is a good way to show people that you like their company. In fact, you can even organize such gatherings to socialize.
  • If you are around a bunch of people whom you are not familiar with, try to strike a conversation on your own. Chances are they are as hesitant as you, but when you make the first move, they would also get comfortable. For instance, if you are new at office then instead of sulking at a corner, try striking conversation with everyone around during lunch breaks, or other break times. Talk to people who sit close by to you as that would help you become more sociable.
  • Be optimistic. There may be times when people would not want to talk to you or wouldn't be open to relationships, but that does not mean you lose hope and stop trying. In fact, look for the time which is favorable and start a conversation. Your repeated attempts would surely not go unnoticed.
  • While approaching people, try to include compliments in your conversation. This way you would make them comfortable with you. However, make sure that the compliment you give sounds genuine and does not make the other person feel awkward.
  • Be yourself as you might not be able to befriend each and everyone but you will end up as a social person with an adequate number of friends. Remember never to be a snob as it is a prime conversation killer.
  • Try not to be judgmental and bias, as judging people will land you with no friends at all. Try to befriend people with the flaws they have, which will only make you a bigger human being.
  • Good listening skills always come handy while socializing. Try to talk less and listen more as it helps people be friendly.
When you are done away with all your apprehensions and anxieties regarding socializing, you will gradually develop a wide social network. Go ahead, for isolation will never win you friends.

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