Concentration is the process of focusing on certain plan of action to attain objectives. In the following article, you will read about some tips that will help you in improving your concentration.

Improving Concentration

What is the most common problem of students in school and colleges? The unanimous answer will be lack of concentration. It is the problem that most of the students face and want to tackle in order to perform well academically. There are many reasons that affect the concentration of mind. In today’s world, there are many distractions adding to the already long list of factors causing loss of concentration. Apart from the usual nervous reaction of the body to the physical world, there is an inability of the brain to concentrate on a topic for a long time. It is believed that the normal attention span of an adult human is about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the human concentration wanes. Concentration of mind is very important in the process of achieving success. For students, they have to heavily rely on their concentration level as it is directly associated with their performance in exams. They are constantly required to remain focused on their studies and avoid distraction of any sorts. Similarly, in an organizational setting, concentration is of utmost importance, else you might not be able to climb the ladder of success. Concentration helps understand the task at hand better and makes accomplishing the same easy. Also, concentration at work is crucial for personal growth and success. If you have recently started working or are due to join an organization in the near future and are looking for ways to improve your concentration levels, here are some steps how. Increasing concentration isn't any rocket or medical science. Just handful of tips and you can enhance your concentration greatly.
Determine Your Goals
To concentrate on something, you require goals. Goals help you bring your conscious and unconscious mind together to focus on an objective. Also, the distractions and disturbances do not come in between once you have a focused mindset.
Make An Action Plan
You should make a schedule for the things to be done. Also, prioritize your goals by placing the important tasks at top and relatively unimportant task to perform afterwards. Time should be appropriately divided for difficult tasks and for recreational activities. Also, avoid placing similar things together to prevent boredom.
Identify Your Peak Times
There are some parts of the day when we are generally very active and perform relatively better than rest of the day. Identify those peak times of the day so that you can allocate the harder and less interesting tasks for that time.
Take Breaks in Between
Remember the fact that the attention span of the adult human is about 20 minutes, so while doing serious tasks like working on a project or making an important work plan, break it in time periods of 20-25 minutes with breaks of five to ten minutes in between. Breaking the time period in short intervals help in maintaining your concentration for long hours.
Structure Your Environment
Environment or the surrounding plays a very pivotal part in the concentration of the mind. Keep yourself in a safer location away from potential distractions like doors, phone and windows. In this way you can avoid the noises that will distract your focus.
Cut Yourself from Potential Distractions
TV and phones are very common distractions and can be easily avoided. Other distractions include family members, friends and e-mails. Based on your priority, manage them to concentrate on your work. If you are doing some important task, you can cut yourself from the world for some time and can catch up with everyone after the completion of the task.
Understand the Importance of Energy and Concentration
Concentration requires directing the life force or the conscious cosmic energy at one objective. Scattered energy doesn’t help and prevents concentration. Calm and focused energy helps in achieving goals.
Be Passionate about your Goals
Passion is the driving force that motivates us to remain steady in the path of our action towards achieving goals. Being passionate means putting your mind and soul in your work. Be more curious about your area of interest and have a positive attitude towards life. It will help you in enjoying your task and further help in increasing your concentration.
Maintain A Health Body
A simple rule of the thumb - Healthy body has a healthy mind. How can you possibly concentrate on work if you are suffering from mental and/or physical problems? You must have experienced that in the state of illness, you cannot concentrate on even smaller daily activities. Our mind works faster and better if our body is healthy and free from any kind of disease. So, it is important to keep the body fit and for the same, you need to maintain a healthy diet, take adequate rest and perform some exercises daily.
Meditation is the most powerful tool to increase concentration. There are some simple meditation techniques that will just require five to ten minutes daily from your 24-hour schedule but will provide you with limitless benefits. Meditation helps in calming down your mind, enabling you to concentrate on things better.
Break The Task In Smaller Pieces
This technique is very helpful in terms of difficult tasks. For example, if you are worried about completing a big project, don’t hesitate to rip it in parts. Eventually complete one task at a time and no sooner, you would be done with the entire project.
Patience Is The Key
Patience is very important for maintaining concentration and achieving goals. There will be times and situation when you will have the strong urge to get deflected from your plan of action. In those times a little patience will bring you back towards your plan.
We hope that these easy tips on increasing concentration will prove immensely helpful to you. Use these tips and show the world that you too can perform many wonderful things!

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