Jealousy, when not dealt with at the right time, can progress towards destruction. Glance through this article to find tips for dealing with jealousy, for a healthy and positive life.

Dealing With Jealousy

Do you feel that you are losing your favor to someone else? Are you experiencing some kind of jealousy at work? Or have you been a victim of some, of late? Well, if you had thought jealousy to be existing only in friendship or romantic and family relationships, then you haven’t yet tasted a piece of the spiteful professional world. For, if jealousy wouldn’t have been in existence, the world would have been perfect, right? No human relationship is immune to the possibility of jealousy. Call it fortunate or unfortunate, jealousy exists and is an essential part of survival. But what has jealously got to do at workplace as long as you are accomplishing the targets and fulfilling your duties wholeheartedly? Is this what strikes you when you try to connect jealousy with work culture? For your information, the politics that you have been observing on a continuous basis at your work is nothing but jealousy. It is this politics that has jealousy rooted in itself and is used as a ladder to move up a little faster than peers or even take up a job that no one else has qualified for. Be it any source, jealousy, in totality, creates a difficult and uncomfortable work environment to survive in. Nevertheless, before the tightening gets fierce in your belly and you ruin your inner self, it is better that you learn how to deal with jealousy. Here are some useful tips to keep jealousy at bay and avoid turning it into conflicts at the workplace.
 Dealing With Jealousy
Is It Jealousy?
Before you even think of seeking someone for help, are you sure it is jealousy at workplace that is bothering you or is it just your mindset that is inducing you to think in such a manner? For, if it is some other problem that is mistaken for jealousy, you are bound to create new problems by divulging your thoughts. Plus, check out whether this has been an issue with the jealous colleague previously also, or is it something to do with you only. By clarifying and putting your facts straight, it will help you think over the matter with a better prospective.
Examine Yourself
After you are dead sure that it is jealousy towards you, simply look at yourself. After all, if you portray a good behavior and carry an optimistic personality, you are bound to have people envying you. On that note, jealousy has little, or probably nothing, to do with you and everything to do with your colleague. Nevertheless, examining yourself is never a bad chance, as you may find something that you may have to change. Say, for instance, if you have been unintentionally flirting with one of your colleagues or are trying to display good behavior at the expense of others, it is never too late to change yourself. Simply give it a try and your problem will be sorted in a snip of your finger.
Drain It Out
If you are still convinced about your colleague being the problem and not you, the only option left is to approach your colleague directly, in private, of course. While talking out, make sure that you try to smooth things, rather than attacking him/her. Give him/her and yourself an equal chance to speak out respective point of view and set things in proper context, accordingly. Just exchange of thoughts and views and voila, the situation may be resolved. Who knows you may even end up befriending each other, once your colleague learns that you are no more a threat?
Maintain The Distance
If speaking out does not work, it is best to keep your distance and continue with your job and life, giving the person a serious ignore! Not all people like arguments and, probably, you have no wish of rocking the boat, especially if the colleague is your senior. Give the person some time, and perhaps, the jealousy will subside, allowing you to forget all that happened. However, do note that this situation is only ideal where jealousy is confined to you and the concerned person only.
Seek Another Senior
All the above potential solutions fail if the situation is awkward and you cannot deal with it personally, fearing that matters may turn worse. In such a case, it is high time that you report the matter to a reliable senior, particularly if it is likely to affect your abilities at the workplace. Talk to a trustworthy senior in a private meeting and put down your feelings and the entire scenario. Allow him/her to handle the situation in a way he/she finds it best.
Remember, no one has a perfect life and when you are just able to be happy and satisfied with your life, handling issues like jealousy shouldn’t bother you much. Hope, these tips will be fruitful to you.

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