Want to stay cool and yet improve your self esteem in a tough working environment? Browse through this write-up for tips on building confidence.

Building Self Esteem

Consider yourself a dart board. Everything and everyone surrounding you are dart pins that will be, at some point, targeted on the dart board. In a competitive and forceful environment like an organization, these dart pins will be targeted upon you, time and again, who will tear you to your worst, dragging down all your self esteem, leaving you exploited and drained. And all this would take place even before you realize you are the target of your capabilities. That’s where self-confidence enters and plays a major role in protecting you. You may have many friends who boost your energy and self-esteem levels by often uttering the statement “Well, just be confident, man!”. But if you aren’t confident from within, this piece of advice is not of much use to you. That’s exactly where some timeless and time-tested guidance comes to your rescue to improve your levels of self esteem. Do not let yourself be dodged with those sharp and pointed dart pins. Stand up, safeguard yourself, and find a better life—filled with happiness, excitement, and confidence.
Stop Thinking! Do It!
Sitting at home and thinking about what you wish to do and want to do will only make things worse. To build confidence in yourself, it is essential that you start taking action and not just plan things in some corner of your brain. If you are working on something, get it done. Though it may not always be easy to do what you think, but you can surely make things easier by being present, lightening up, and doing it. Connect with your present by concentrating on your breathing for a minute or two. By being present, you can focus on your plans in a relaxed manner without requiring much efforts. By relaxing, you will realize that problems and negative feelings are just your own creations that result in dragging you down and make things difficult for you. And finally, if you really want something, taking action on it shouldn’t be a complicated task; it should come out naturally from within you.
Face Your Fears
One of the best ways for developing and enhancing your self-esteem is to do things that you fear and never wish to give them a try. While performing exercises for months in front of the mirror will help you take action with more confidence, but it will not add on to your confidence on a deeper level. By experiencing and facing your fears, you will be actually boosting your self-esteem. Get more curious to discover new things, even if you know that it is something you can’t face. For, if you do not build curiosity and enthusiasm, you will not be able to open up yourself and explore the world.
Understand Things In Order
If it had been building courage first and then moving on to face your fears, every human being, under the sky, would have been a self-confident and fearless person. However, that’s not how things work. To get yourself on the right track, you need to do things that you are scared of and then build bravery. That’s how things happen. The sooner you understand the order in which things happen, the earlier you will get a hand on self-confidence.
Not everyone is born with a sixth sense. We all are human beings and are gifted with the abilities of thinking and using our brains to the best. Hence, if you try attempting things without planning and preparing, it is but obvious that you will be lost in vague, foggy fear, and start building big horror scenarios in your mind. And above all, it will only add more weight on losing your confidence. Isn’t that you wanted to actually get rid of? As such, prepare yourself and educate yourself before you step onto the stage to present your views. Prepare, rehearse, and correct to feel more comfortable and confident.
Accept Failures & Mistakes
This adage quoted by Peter T. Mcintyre, “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”, again talks about fighting against your fears. Besides, if you have experienced failure or committed a mistake, your world hasn’t come to an end. Billions of people have discovered the same before you. It’s just those who haven’t yet faced their fear feel that failures or being wrong can kill them to death. Instead of viewing failure as a negative aspect, consider it as a learning experience. And every time you fail, you stand up stronger as you are accustomed to it and become desensitised. As a result, you are in a better position to handle things with courage and determination, thereby increasing your inner strength and hence, self esteem.
Hope this guide would suffice you in building the desired self-esteem in you. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and you’ll return back as a winner!

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