Feeling depressed and dejected? Can't come over these cumbersome sentiments? Start feeling good about yourself by incorporating the ideas given below in your daily schedule.

Feeling Good About Yourself

Life is a continuous joyride with its peaks and valleys. While at a certain times, you feel elated and at the top of the world, on other occasions you feel like being down the dumps. However, you might have noticed a few people in your vicinity who are always at the peak of their mood—always chirpy, cheery and effervescent. Wondering what is it that gives them such a high? Well, the answer is they have learnt to live life, and have learnt to look at the brighter side of the situations in life. If, somehow, you haven’t figured out the importance of the aforementioned words till yet, you would by the end of this article. Feeling good is more about attitude rather than waiting for the circumstances to improve. If a person is stuck in a dicey situation, he should rather try to pay attention to the positive side of it and start working towards making things better instead of cribbing over the negatives. This attitude brings out the positive energies and consequently, you acquire good feelings about life and yourself. There are a number of reasons because of which people start feeling depressed and dejected. For instance, while teenagers can most probably feel low because of a zit or any physical feature they are unhappy about, an executive might feel low if his colleague, who is much less experienced, gets promoted to the same post as him. Remember, one can not control all the situations in life but one can always change one's perspective towards life, as life may not always be fair but it always gives everyone a fair chance to make the best out of it. To feel good, we must love ourselves and should be true. We should accept the shortcomings we have and should try to overcome them. Along with this, we should appreciate and feel good about the qualities we have which not only make us unique, but also valued among people we know and care about. Here are a few points which will help you in feeling good about yourself.
Be Blissful
This may sound really easy, but can anyone be in the 'always happy' mode forever? Your answer may be no, but try to think this way, can there be anything which will make you more content than being alive and in good health? For being happy, you just need to keep a check on your thoughts. Whenever you feel that your mind is divulging into the realms of negativity, stop thinking about the same and try diverting your attention to something completely new. If it seems difficult try changing the topic altogether and think about something which soothes you and makes you glad.
High Morale
What is the point of living when you don’t have self-confidence and self-esteem to your aid? Though it's easier said than done, there are numerous ways by which you can boost your morale, the most simple of them being by setting small or short-term goals for yourself. This way, when you will achieve a goal, it'll automatically boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Also, break your long-term goals into many short-term goals and go ahead and achieve them. Not only will the objective look realizable, it would also give a boost to your morale.
Get Fitter
How can you expect to feel good about yourself when you are 20 pounds overweight? How can you expect feel good when all that you eat is hamburger and fries? Being unhealthy and not indulging in proper food habits can also make you feel low and miserable. As such, get the better of your laziness and move on to the treadmill to shack off those extra pounds. Also, fuel your body with a nutritious plate rather than high-fried stuff. The fitter you are, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more confidence you would have.
Include Variety
Experimenting with new things is good and distracting. Not only do you learn novel things, but you also break the monotony of life and give yourself boost of energy. Learning a new art would also instill in you a verve of confidence and self-belief. So, take time out of your daily schedule and sign up for guitar lessons, pottery making, cookery classes, snorkeling or anything that you thought will be fun but never tried because of whatever reasons. This spontaneity will help you forget the past negative memories and will fill you with a lot of new nice memories.
Revisit Your Hobbies
What happened to the art of painting that once made you so happy? Priceless was that moment when you would loosen yourself on to the canvas with the colors taking over the mind, body and soul. Each one of us has a hobby, a recreational activity that we loved indulging in as a kid, that stayed with us till we became adults and that gave us immense joy. But what happened to the hobby after that? Did work pressure, deadlines and 9-5 routine take the glory off the hobby? Revisit the hobby and see your 'feel-good' factor soar up, high and lofty.
Each One is Unique
Nothing good comes out with comparisons, so try not to compare yourself with others, as each human being is different from the other and thus, comparisons can never be fair. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you can learn good qualities from others and try to add those to your personality. Also, working on your uniqueness and exclusivity will enrich you with a novel attribute that none have. 

Adhere to all of the above and see your life changing dramatically. You would not only start feeling good about yourself, but also get a new zeal and verve of living! Go, try, and feel good about yourself! 

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