Happiness is a mental state having varied emotions of joy and contentment. In this article, there are mentioned some easy tips that will help you in the process of being happy.

Making Yourself Happy

Yes, you can make yourself happy! This is no rocket science neither it is a secret formula. If we adopt a few simple steps and tips in our daily activities we can have the happiness we deserve. Before we discuss those tips let us know what exactly is the word “happiness” conveys. Technically, happiness is a mental state showing emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. But the actual meaning of happiness is quite vague and fuzzy. For some people, happiness could be earning lot of money while for some happiness could be recognisation or fame. But it is quite possible that people who are rich and famous are not happy at all. So, then what is happiness? Happiness can be acquired in simple things of life. It can be passing exams, hanging out with friends or holding the hands of your love. Happiness can be seeing the face of your new born kid or happiness could be meeting an old friend.  As needs are different for each person, the factors of achieving happiness cannot be same for every one. Attaining happiness can be easy if you know the factors that could make you happy. Here are listed some easy ways that will help you in the process of attaining happiness.

Maintain High Energy Level
We must have commonly witnessed that when we are energetic we feel happy. Our high spirits prevent us from taking any negative thought in our mind and we feel light and positive. In contrast to that, if you are feeling low and out of energy, we feel sad on even a slightest word of opposition. Sometimes we become so annoyed that we argue with people around us and eventually end up feeling bad. Hence maintain high energy level in order to make yourself happy.
Hang Out with Friends
Friends are those sweet people who understand us and know us for what we actually are. The moment we see their faces our sadness starts ceasing away. They make us smile and help us in forgetting our problems. Every person has some close friends who take them away from the present situation to the state of happiness and enjoyment. So hang out with friends, go for shopping or watch movies with them.
Create a Calmer Environment
How often we get annoyed listening loud noises? Loud noises of machines or vehicles can cause irritation. Also, avoid cluttered spaces as it can also cause irritation. Clear the space around your desk and room by sorting papers, pitching junk, stowing supplies, filing, or even just making your piles neater. With few minutes of work, you can reduce sizeable amount of little tasks stashed in your room. Uncluttered environment not only create serene mood but also make you feel happy.
Finishing a Difficult Task
It is the human tendency to fear difficult tasks and problems and postpone them for future. Procrastination of these difficult tasks can lead to stress. Finishing pending jobs not only provide you with relief but also make you feel good.
Take Part in Leisure Activities
Do the things you always wanted to do like order a book you’ve wanted to read or plan a weekend excursion to a museum, hiking trail, sporting event, movie theater or anything that will make you feel happy. Try to get engage in fun activities with friends or family. Having fun is an initial step in the process of achieving happiness. Try to spend more leisure time in the company of family and friends as it will double the pleasant feeling.
Perform a Good Deed
You must have experienced this before; whenever you have helped someone in need, you felt good at heart. You can perform any good deed according to your potential and choice. These can range from helping someone monetarily to dropping someone at home or genuinely praise someone. These simple but good deeds make us feel good and lead to happiness.  
Perform Your Hobby
Often hobbies act like stress busters. For example, listening to music can be a good stress buster. Not only music relaxes the mind but it also boosts the energy levels. You can also choose to dance or painting to make yourself happy.
Engage in Sports Activities
Sports totally take our mind and body from our present problems. You can take part in any game of your choice. Not only it helps in eliminating negative thoughts but also fill your body with positive energy. .
Act Happy
Studies have proved putting a smile on face can have a positive influence on your emotions and brightens your mood. Smiling makes you friendlier and more approachable.
Now that you know some easy ways of becoming happy, just go out there and take your share of happiness from life!

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